Glitter of Diamonds: The Case of the Reckless Radio Host by J. A. Menzies


Glitter of Diamonds: The Case of the Reckless Radio Host

 A Paul Manziuk & Jacquie Ryan Mystery

The second book in a classic police procedural series of traditional whodunits set in contemporary Toronto.

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Book Description

Homicide detective Inspector Paul Manziuk is mourning the death of his best friend. Constable Jacqueline Ryan is trying to get her bearings and figure out how to keep from irritating an already-stressed Manziuk without losing her self-respect. But not far from Toronto police headquarters, two people are speaking words that will lead to murder.

Rico Velasquez, the Toronto Matrix’s new Cuban pitcher, is determined to prove he deserves the huge contract he’s been given. So he explodes in anger and derision when a reliever gives up a home run that takes away his win. A day later, Stasey Simon, a radio talk-show host who thrives on controversy, asks on-air for a volunteer to knock some sense into Rico.

Before long, groundskeepers at the Diamond Dome find Rico’s body in the bullpen, and Manziuk and Ryan are given the task of arresting the murderer before the case escalates into an international incident.

Of course, Stasey herself is a prime suspect. So are several other members of the sports media, an obsessed fan, Rico’s neglected wife, the pitcher Rico embarrassed, the elusive owners of the baseball team, and a Marilyn Monroe wannabe who seemed to think Rico was her Joe DiMaggio.

Manziuk draws on his own love of the game of baseball while Ryan struggles to make sense of a sport she’s never watched.

Book Excerpt

Ryan picked up some file folders from her desk and copied the report she’d been working on from her computer to her Flash Drive before heading to her red Toyota. She fully intended to go home and work, as she’d told Manziuk, but as she inserted the key into the ignition, she paused.

Something about Armando Santana has been bugging her from the moment he’d walked into the office for the interview. His attitude was—she wanted to call it insolent, but it wasn’t quite that. Self-assured, but that wasn’t it, either. Bottom line was that her gut instinct said this was a man of whom to be wary. And given that he was still the prime suspect for Rico’s murder, she felt the need to determine for herself whether the mysterious aura she sensed was real or a façade, and just what kind of man was hidden beneath it.

She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel. When they’d questioned him, she’d had the impression that if Manziuk hadn’t been there, Armando’s answers might have been different. How crazy was she to think that? Could there even be a small chance that, because they were both black, he would tell her more if they were alone?

She started her car, but instead of heading home, she drove in the direction of the baseball stadium.

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About the Author

J. A. Menzies is the author of the Paul Manziuk and Jacquie Ryan Mysteries, a classic police procedurals series of traditional whodunits set in contemporary Toronto. The series characters are Paul Manziuk, a father of three who joined the police force out of high school, and twenty-eight year-old Jacqueline Ryan, a Jamaican-born woman with an MA in criminology and an attitude. The books include Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife, Glitter of Diamonds: The Case of the Reckless Radio Host, and Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of the Harmless Old Woman. J. A. Menzies, who has also written a number of short stories, is the alter ego of award-winning author and speaker N. J. Lindquist, who lives in Markham, Ontario.

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