Fit for Faith – 7 Weeks to Improved Spiritual & Physical Health Receives Face Lift

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Fit for Faith receives a new cover! Same great content.

What others are saying about Fit for Faith:

Every section of this book (which includes a workbook) has sensible advice and practical tips on eating and exercise and of course taking care of your spiritual life. If you are looking to make a new start and get your entire body both physical and spiritual in top notch condition – look no further – Fit for Faith has it all.

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Kimberley Payne has written a book I wish I had read years ago before all the other diet/health books I have consumed! She approaches health from God’s viewpoint and helps us see how body, soul and spirit are intertwined with each other.

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Payne is a seasoned physical trainer and her regimen reflects her expertise and experience. The how-to section is easy to understand, encouraging, and motivational. As mentioned, the combination of both physical and spiritual fitness  addresses the whole person. The repetition and accountability that are built into the workbook can’t help but bring about permanent lifestyle changes in the person who follows this program for seven weeks. I loved the little fit tips.

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Immediately I see some very important chapters that many books forget to teach and that are the ones about how important not only about exercising and healthy eating but also the most important adding your inside spirit, such as prayer and Gods Holy Scripture’s…BLESSED BY THIS!!!

The book, which marries fitness and faith, is full of valuable and inspiring ideas for improving both.

Not only are there great tips for exercise and eating healthy, but I love the 49 day workbook to help me apply the material.

Kimberley has developed a life improving program in Fit for Faith. In it she calls the reader to rediscover the quality of life that God is calling all of His creation to live.

Fit for Faith is a complete 49 day workbook which guides you through 7 weeks of daily prayer, reflection, exercise, healthy eating, fit tips and a Bible truths. Each of these small little steps will allow you to build upon each one and help you to reach your fitness and spiritual goals in a healthy, no-nonsense, no-fad diets way.

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