Fireproof Proverbs by Royalene Doyle

Fireproof Proverbs2

About the Book

All who love words and believe the written word can transform lives will be inspired by Fireproof Proverbs. Journey with Royalene, a fellow word-lover, as you seek to live faithfully in whatever ways God is calling you to write. Your words matter! Let God remind you here.” Brenda Quinn Pastor, Editor, and Co-Author of “Meet the Bible” with Philip Yancy and character profiles in the “Life With God Bible, by Renovare. Although this book is useful as a writer’s resource, it is also being used in Proverb study groups and enjoyed as photography inspirations.

Book Excerpt

“There is also a calling…for us to look and see the things of this world that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, praiseworthy, virtuous and of good report. By making those elements of life clear we can encourage people to seek them out and live their lives accordingly. But when we see muddy-waters, deception, injustice, hate, dishonesty (any and all opposites of God’s best), then we must call-out those things, too…holding up His Word as the bar to reach for….



About the Author

Royalene Doyle has been a writer since she first put pencil to paper. She has worked as editor/writer for an International Christian ministry and is listed in the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 2002-’07. In 2006 she began Doyle Writing Services where her career and life experiences support other writers in their publishing goals as she continues her own writing projects. Royalene is married to Dr. Hayward “Woody” Doyle, Jr. They enjoy their four daughters, five grandchildren and ten great-grands, living in the beautiful foothills of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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