7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers Blog Hop


About the Book


7 Essential Habits:

  • time with God
  • healthy living
  • time management
  • honing writing skills
  • crafting a masterpiece
  • submitting your work
  • marketing

The anthology contains poetry, articles, devotionals, and short stories

Book Excerpt

Old Dictionary

 Violet Nesdoly

Loved to slovenliness . . .

my 1976 Funk and Wagnalls

Standard College Dictionary

as Canadian

as East of Eden is American.

Its wealth of definitions

splits and refracts words

into the spectrum

of the markers, Sharpies, and highlighters

in the mug within arm’s reach.

Its insights into language

pronunciation, and genesis

as revealing as the cheesecloth

and naked board

of its tattered binding.

It is more illuminating

than the power-stingy spiral

of the piano-lamp cyclops

that watches

my moving hand

still preferred

over the sleek white genie

at my elbow

that reminds me

with its pulsing fluorescent eye

it too has word-wealth at my fingertips.



You are invited to follow along as many of the contributing authors of 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers  participate in a blog hop. I encourage you to click on the links below to see what each author shares. Comments would be appreciated, and if you like what you read remember to share the post on your favourite social media sites 🙂

Ruth L. Snyder Monday, September 14th

Brenda Wood    Wednesday, September 16th

Janet Sketchley  Friday, September 18th

Jack Popjes Monday, September 21st

Marcia Laycock  Friday, September 24th

Steph Nickel Monday, September 28th

Sally Meadows Wednesday, September 30th

Tracy Krauss Friday, October 2nd

Glynis Belec Monday, October 5th

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