Beneath that Star by Sally Meadows


About the Book

Saray longs to be a shepherd just like her three older brothers. But when God speaks to her in a dream to look out for and follow the bright star, what she finds underneath it is of far greater value than anything she could ever have imagined.

“Beneath That Star” is an uplifting story for all ages about obedience, patience, trust, healing, and above all, God’s immeasurable love for each one of us. The story is based on a song Sally wrote for her national award-nominated Christmas CD “Red & White” (2013).

Book Excerpt

“As she sat there, eyes closed, she felt the light in the room slowly change. Her eyes snapped open. Light was streaming in through the window!

Saray stumbled outside. There in the night sky, was the brightest light she had ever seen. The star!

For one moment, Saray didn’t move. Then, heart thumping with joy, she went back inside to get her crutch and set off to follow that star.”


About the Author

Sally Meadows is a two-time national award-nominated singer/songwriter, author, and speaker who delightedly pursues God’s call on her creative life. A long-time worship leader with an interest in writing rooted deeply in her childhood, Sally left the corporate/academic world in 2013 to focus full-time on her writing and music passions. Like her character Saray in “Beneath That Star”, Sally waits in anticipation as to what’s next!

Buy the Book

Sally Meadows website


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