Out of the Ordinary by Ruth Smith Meyer

out of the ordinary

About the Book

Each of us is a unique being with our own special personality and genetic make-up.  Some of us are more aware of the disparity than others.  Smith Meyer’s candid recounting of her life from childhood to her senior years will keep you engaged.  You will often relate to her struggles, grappling with the inner conflicts and growth stemming from her differences, and identify with the changes and decisions she needed to make.

Book Excerpt

Dr. Gray was a very young man and he greeted us warmly. Each question he asked, I carefully assessed what I was seeing and answered truthfully. On and on the test went. Over an hour later, he said, “There’s something going on, but I can’t figure out what it is.”

My heart sank. Oh, no! Here we go again.

“Twice now, we’ve had Ruth’s eyes tested by different optometrists and both of them concluded she just wants glasses. She’s probably doing it again.” My dad looked disgusted and I wanted to cry.

Ruth Smith Meyer

About the Author

Ruth Smith Meyer is the author of two adult novels, Not Easily Broken and Not Far from the Tree, and a children’s book, Tyson’s Sad Bad Day.  As an inspirational speaker Ruth has resourced many diverse groups. Throughout her life she has been active and provided leadership in her church and community and as a presenter for Marriage Encounter. She is retired as Creative Director for an adult day centre. After the death of her husband her second marriage she added another four grown children to her own four and together she and Paul have eighteen grandchildren. They live in Ailsa Craig, Ontario.

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