The Devil and Pastor Gus by Roger E. Bruner

The Devil and Pastor Gus

About the Book

B.L.ZeBubb became the laughingstock of Heaven when he failed to win Pastor Gus Gospello’s soul years earlier. He’s determined to succeed this time.

Gus is obsessed with leaving a legacy—a satire making fun of B.L.ZeBubb’s foolish pride. He feigns friendship with the Devil to learn back story for his novel.

When B.L.ZeBubb discovers that he’s being used, he starts wrecking Gus’s life in every imaginable way and ultimately tricks him into willingly signing a contract for his soul.

Gus has some tricks up his sleeve, though. But the Devil is still the Devil, and Gus has no guarantee of success. Who knows where he’ll go when he dies?

Book Excerpt

“Good day, my man.” The stranger might have been addressing the doorman at the finest of five-star hotels back on earth and not Heaven’s renowned gatekeeper, who leaned closer to the bars of Heaven’s outer gate to get a better look. “I have an appointment with God.”

Simon Peter grabbed the golden clipboard from a nearby stool and glanced over the names on the top sheet. Then he flipped to the second sheet. And the third.

Just as I thought. No new arrivals expected for another eight earth minutes. Nobody shows up here before his appointed time. Ever.

The stranger swaggered to a prominent spot several feet from the outer gate. Peter narrowed his eyes in shock. New arrivals didn’t do that. They stood back a respectful distance, bowed their heads as if they were already in God’s presence, and waited for Peter to call their names.

What was with this guy?

After giving him a discreet once-over, Peter mentally clicked through each of the pictures he’d viewed moments earlier-the next several groups of arrivals. He shook his head. None of them resembled the stranger.

He rubbed his chin and looked at the man. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who-”

“Call me B.L.ZeBubb,” the stranger said before spelling his surname-twice. “The accent is on the L. Bee-EL-zuh-buhb. Sometimes people misspell it as B-e-e-l-z-e-b-u-b.” He crossed his arms and looked into Peter’s face. “And as I just told you, I have an appointment with God.”

“Bee-EL-zuh-buhb,” Peter said to himself as he wandered over to the computer at the check-in station and typed the name into The Lamb’s Book of Life search field. He double-checked his spelling before clicking Go. If the correct spelling didn’t work, he would try the misspelling.

A blood-red “No matches found. Be on the alert!” exploded across the screen. Peter narrowed his eyes. He’d never seen anything like that.

A message from God popped up on the screen before Peter could finish wondering what to do. “Not a problem, my child. Here’s how I want you to handle this…”

Roger Bruner

About the Author

Roger Bruner worked as a teacher, job counselor, and programmer analyst before retiring to pursue his dream of writing Christian fiction full-time. Two Young Adult novels, Found in Translation and Lost in Dreams, released in 2011. His most recent novel, The Devil and Pastor Gus, came out in November of 2014. A guitarist and songwriter, he sings in the church choir, plays bass on the praise team, and sings and plays guitar at a weekly nursing home ministry. He loves reading, photography, web design, and playing Words with Friends with his wonderful wife, Kathleen.

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