The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure by Marianne Baker Ball

12 Days of Christmas Adventure

About the Book

The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure is rooted in a family project begun over twenty years ago. Based on the lyrics of the Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” this holiday project involves giving someone who’s had a rough year 12 gifts over the course of 12 days. Gifts are rhymed, realigned, or downright twisted to fit each verse, such as a “TurtleBack Glaze” on Day 2, “Octopus Bread” on Day 8, and edible drumsticks on Day 12. Sneaking around can be part of the fun, (as gifts can be given anonymously), followed by hoots and giggles. This easy read offers 100+ ideas for homemade gifts as well as purchased items that fit “The 12 Days” theme. It also includes a URL link, where readers can post their own gift ideas, interactively enabling others to expand their repertoire of “12 Days” gifts. This project can be carried out by an individual, a couple, a family, or a group. Particularly great for homeschoolers or youth groups seeking a service project. Renew your own holiday spirit by joining the adventure this Christmas.

Book Excerpt

In the book, a quote from a recipient of “The 12 Days”: “Our family was so grateful for the amazing gift of The 12 Days. My husband had been fighting multiple myeloma for the past three years. This particular Christmas was one of the toughest, since his treatment was going to keep him away from home. Prior to his leaving, we received the most incredible gift of love, care and support from our dear friends. We were so surprised when one December evening, three of our friends arrived bearing these unique and numbered gifts! It was
overwhelming, and brought many of us to tears. Each morning, the children eagerly went looking for the next gift. All of us were thrilled to see the many precious cards and kindhearted gifts that filled our house. The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure has come and gone, but it will forever remain a beloved memory we will cherish. We have saved all the cards, so we may always remember how blessed we were to be surrounded by fabulous friends.”

Marianne Baker Ball

About the Author

Marianne Baker Ball discovered she loved to write when she won runner–up in a poem contest in 7th grade. (Her prize was a six-pack of 7-Up.) She is a Writer’s Digest School graduate and a Barry University graduate.

She was a full-time mom for twelve years, raising three children. She then worked as a writer/educator for a non-profit organization for twelve years and received recognition from a Florida Congressman for her work with teens.

Marianne learned organizational skills and “inventive” gift-giving while serving as a career Air Force wife who moved every few years. She is an upcycler, couponer, thrift store fan, and an advocate for taking the expense and “crazy” out of Christmas. In 1993, she and her family were the recipients of 12 days of surprises from a neighbor. She has not viewed Christmas the same way since.

Marianne writes regularly on her blog ADVENTURES IN THE BALLPARK and is a contributor to the blogs Mormon Mommy Writers (she’s not a Mormon, but they like her anyway) and Association of Catholic Women Bloggers. She won a fiction contest at Mormon Mommy Writers; her story is featured in Choose to Write, published in 2012. She has been featured on the writers’ forum, A Great Place.

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