Playing Second Fiddle: God’s Heart for Harmony Regarding Women and the Church by Judi Peers


About the Book

Judi Peers takes on the issue of women and the church as God reveals His heart to her. The world Paul addressed is not the world we live in today; in harmonious accord with twenty-first century culture, Peers exemplifies how both men and women are called to play second fiddle and look to Christ to play the lead. A unique blend of personal experience and academic material, Playing Second Fiddle touches the heart strings of this controversial issue like nothing you’ve read before.

Book Excerpt

“But what do You hope to accomplish with this book?” I asked in the hush of early morning, nothing disturbing communion with my Creator but the melodious refrain of birdsong.

“Harmony,” He said.



About the Author

Judi Peers is a best selling author, speaker, and engaging Bible study leader. She has written several children’s books as well as contributed stories to award-winning anthologies. With constant inspiration from her three children and occasional out-of-the-box input from the Holy Spirit, she always has a story to tell. When Peers is not working with words, she can be found weeding her garden, travelling the world, or enjoying family and friends on the shore of the Otonabee River in Peterborough, Ontario, where she currently resides with her husband, Dave. Visit her website.

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One thought on “Playing Second Fiddle: God’s Heart for Harmony Regarding Women and the Church by Judi Peers

  1. I’m in the middle of reading this book and it’s awesome! So much insight into God’s view of women in ministry. So much research, explained so easily, but with eloquence. I’m loving It!

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