Courageous Jack – Book 1 in the Noble Character-Building Series Written by Cheryl Colwell and Illustrated by Brittany Harris

Courageous Jack

About the Book

Explore dangerous new worlds and animal habitats with Jack as his imagination takes him on a quest to scary places, each new adventure building his courage. This beautifully illustrated rhyming children’s picture book is a fun storytime read-aloud, perfect for parents and grandparents to teach the value and rewards of courage. Adults as well as children 2 – 8 will delight in the story from the Noble Character-Building Series by the mother and daughter team of Cheryl Colwell and Brittany Harris.

Book Excerpt

Page 7 redIn spite of darkened caves and bats

And toothy crocs—imagine that!

And murky swamps and waterfalls

In spite of fear, I faced them all.


About the Author

I began writing fiction in 2007. Staying true to my tagline, “Stunning Suspense,” my characters visit stunning locations while they pursue adventurous quests peppered with mystery, suspense, and romance.

Passionate about all things creative, I find inspiration living in the country – the perfect venue for my interests in writing, gardening, and art.

My husband, best friend, and chiropractor, keeps me in shape for gardening, and for writing long into the night. A smart and playful English Shepherd makes our empty nest a happy place.

About the Illustrator

“I share my illustration desk with two sweet kittens, now grown into two obnoxious cats, who swat at my pens and brushes as if to say, “Draw me.”

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