The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die by Marianne Jones with Linda Stewardson

The Girl who wouldn't die

About the Book

Abused. Abandoned. Addicted. Alone. As a child, Linda Stewardson suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her stepfather. After a particularly vicious attack, Linda was left for dead only to be revived in the hospital. Betrayed by the adults who should have protected her, she turned to life on the streets.

Linda believed she had no value, until a life-changing encounter with Christ gave her a reason for living.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die shows that there is no pain too great or darkness too deep for God’s love to transform.

Book Excerpt

“I spent six months in the hospital being visited by people from the psychiatric ward because of my supposed suicide attempt. Gerry visited me regularly, to all appearances the concerned stepfather. The truth was, he came to remind me to keep my mouth shut. He was afraid that if he stayed away, someone at the hospital might get me to open up and start talking.

He didn’t have to worry.  I knew that if I ever said anything, I would be dead.”


Marianne Jones

About the Author

Marianne Jones is a writer, actor, playwrite and poet from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Her other books include The Land of Mogan, a fantasy for young readers, Great-Grandma’s Gifts, a children’s picture book, Here, on  the Ground, an award-winning collection of poetry, and The Serenity Stone Murder, a cozy mystery set in Thunder Bay. Her writings have appeared in Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living,and numerous literary and denominational publications. Marianne is a retired teacher and children’s choir director. Since retiring from teaching, she has been able to focus on her first love, writing.  She and her husband Reg are the proud parents of two amazing daughters and two beautiful granddaughters. Together, they love swimming, hiking, singing, entertaining and ballroom dancing. Visit her website.

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