The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

The Dividing Stone

About the Book

A sinister, dark force hovers over the unsuspecting valley when Margo Pierson discovers a tattered letter illuminating a mysterious ancestor and warning them of “a diabolical evil that stalks this town.” Though preoccupied with preparations for the prestigious craft show, Margo, the young potter, is catapulted into a quest to unearth the truth and expose the uncanny murder of her namesake. Unwittingly, she and her companions stumble upon an ancient stone that holds the secret to both the past and present dangers. Caught off guard by her nemesis, Bill Guiles, he kidnaps Ms. Pierson and attempts to erase all she discovered of the secret society. Will their plans be thwarted? Will havoc be the new order? Will relationships be ruined and marriages annihilated? As the forces of good and evil engage in a spiritual battle in the heavenly realm, can Margo survive and foil the deadly curses set in motion centuries ago?

Come join Margo Pierson and friends for a roller-coaster ride and supernatural adventure of your life!

Book Excerpt

Margo stared at the tattered piece of brittle paper in disbelief. A gust of wind almost tore it from her hands, but the cold blast quickly died. Her eyes raced across the faded, amber-colored letter as she struggled to absorb its meaning. She stood transfixed and read the vehement warning written with a fountain pen in red ink. There is a diabolical evil that stalks this town. The next sentences were barely legible, but she could make out a phrase: “a true-blood Dubier.” The name sounded familiar from her research. Margo thought it might be one of the founding town fathers. She backtracked and deciphered a few preceding words. “They are closer than you think. Beware!”

The young potter mumbled, “Just what I don’t need before a big show—stiff-necked mud!”In frustration, she stopped the electric wheel, wiped her hands on her apron, and looked up. Her artistic eye caught the brilliant sunset from the big picture window. She sat mesmerized as the sun shot its last rays of golden light across the indigo sky.

It disappeared behind the Overlook Tower, swallowed by the silhouetted mountains.

The Dragon Master of the Dark Abyss breathed fire and summoned all his minions. He roared with a fearsome anger like rolling thunder. “You fools! What bumbling idiot allowed that book to fall into her hands?”

Anita Estes


About the Author

Anita Estes lives with her husband in the beautiful Hudson Valley . When she’s not writing, she enjoys painting, gardening, hiking and photography. She is also a speaker for WIN conferences based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Mrs. Estes is an art teacher in Poughkeepsie NY and the author of many inspirational devotions found in various compilations such as God Allows U-Turns, Cup of Comfort series for women and her newest story is in Supernatural Encounters with Jesus. She is the author of three non-fiction books, When God Speaks, Transformed and Letters to God on a Prodigal Son. The Dividing Stone is her debut novel.

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One thought on “The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

  1. Thank you KImberley for hosting me on your blog! This has been a long awaited goal to have this book published. I feel that the Lord inspired this book to illustrate how much prayer is needed to overcome the schemes of the enemy. The theme goes right along with that of “War Room” though I started the book 20 years ago!!

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