Living at the End of the Rope by Ron Hughes

Living at the End of the Rope

About the Book

In this book, you will meet real people living with: the tendency to abuse alcohol, the memory of aborting a child, the death of immediate family members, the frustration of deteriorating health, the pain of unexpected divorce, the challenges of raising a child with special needs, the conflicting emotions arising from a mismatched marriage, and more.

Here, you will find no tales of instant deliverance, miraculous cures, or dramatic victories. Instead, these pages contain the stories of ordinary people walking day-by-day through the end-of-the-rope experiences which build faith and bring hope to life.

Book Excerpt

That night when Rob returned from work, his anger had dissipated. Neither of them referred to his outburst—he didn’t apologize; she didn’t confront him. It never came up again, though Ana would never forget what he had called her and the violence that broke the peace of their home. Life continued as if the outburst had never happened, yet it would never be the same.

Ana entered a time of personal reflection that lasted for several months. She startled herself with the realization that, other than family, she had gradually lost all of her friendships. She began intentionally restoring some of these so that she could observe other women and hear how they talked about their family relationships.


About the Author

Ron Hughes has worked in media since 1975 and in ministry since 1983. After 10 years in mission work in Ecuador, he joined FBH International, a multi-language media ministry. In these roles he has interviewed hundreds of people in a wide variety of circumstances. With warmth and empathy he guides interviewees to express details about their lives which help his readers explore their own deepest feelings. Living at the End of the Rope is his second book.

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