Stories Offering Hope and Encouragement

Leisure Time With God – Stories to Grow Your Faith by Kimberley Payne

Free on Amazon March 13th, 2023 to March 15th, 2023

Can God speak to us through movies, hobbies, travel, and dreams? The Bible is very clear that God can and does speak to us in a variety of ways. Kimberley Payne shares in short, simple stories the truth that God may have something for us to learn about our lives.

Best described as an emotional treasure of personal reflections, each devotional in this book holds a lesson of wisdom that can be applied to one’s life.

Review of Leisure Time With God:

“The book was a very engaging read. Kimberley Payne’s ironic sense of humour helps the stories unfold. Of particular interest were her stories about her wider family, her love for watching movies, and snowmobiling. With a deep faith, she weaves life and prayer naturally together. I highly recommend this book.”

Free on Amazon March 13th, 2023 to March 15th, 2023

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