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The Word Guild is an organization that connects, develops and promotes writers and editors who are Christian. It is an organization with over 300 members from across Canada.
Many of the members have blogs. I have collected them here for you with a sentence explaining each. Take time to visit them and leave a comment!

Sandy Austin
I put little gifts on it: of short biographical stories, personal travelogues, correlative photos, and such.

Dr. Lisa Barrow
Positive Workplaces is a blog that focuses on creating healthier workplaces and workplace bullying.

Glynis Belec
My main blog began as my online therapeutic journal as I journeyed (journey) through my cancer trial.
The Inscribe (ICWF) blog where interested members are scheduled certain times to blog.

Jenny Burr
Healthy You By Jen began because I wanted to look at how I could live a healthy lifestyle coping with Meniere’s Disease, stress, etc
She Writes By Jen is a blog about writing, parenting, and more recently I have been writing book reviews on it.

Belinda Burston
Whatever He Says is a blog about community; about sharing the journey of faith and everyday life with friends.

Kathie Chiu
For Christian women who are called into leadership, either in ministry or in the world, in this blog I share from my 20 years experience as a woman leader in Christian ministry to inform and inspire.

Carla Coroy
Married Single Moms is a blog for married women who parent alone due to their husband’s unavailability because of career reasons, health reasons or addictions.

Jan Cox
A blog where I can express my thoughts on a multitude of topics. It forces me to think and write.
Spirit Filled-Canada started as a place to support Ed Hird’s book Battle for the Soul of Canada and promote the Bible study Seeking God’s Solution for a Spirit-Filled Canada. I hope to develop it further into what we can do to heal our land.

Laura Davis
My personal blog used to keep in touch with family and friends.
I review books for the CFRB (Christian Fiction Review Blog)
Interviews and Reviews is a new blog to promote Christian writers of both fiction and non-fiction.

Nikki Everts-Hammond
A blog about what interests me, strikes my fancy, or moves me.

Donna Fawcett / Donna Dawson
My blog offers a brief glimpse into an erratic and slightly strange brain.

David Fisher
Personal reflections by a fellow pilgrim on the journey home.

Grace Fox
“Connecting the Dots” is to help women connect the dots between spiritual truth and real life.

Bonnie Grove
The focus of Fiction Matters blog is on the skills of writing.
Novel Matters starts Jan 5 and is made up of 7 authors who are all clients of Books & Such literary agency blogging about the meaty stuff of creating compelling books.

Andi Harris
VizionStories Writes, where you see the stories and see Zion (Vi-Zion) through ideas, thoughts, debates, lessons and theology.

Jane Harris-Zsovan
Vision of Canada is a rather eclectic blog — dedicated to exploring Canada’s place in the world.

Monica Hernandez, Th.D.
Thoughts Selected is a collection of Bible-based vignettes that touch our everyday experiences and teach, counsel, and inspire.

Ed Hird
Battle for the Soul of Canada relates to my second book on Timothy and Raising up the Emerging Generation.
Restoring Health in the 21st Century relates to my upcoming third book on Titus.
This is a generic blog where I put general articles that don’t fit somewhere else
As Communications Officer for the Anglican Coalition in Canada, I post media updates with relevant pictures.
Finally, all of my newspaper articles over the past twenty-two years are posted online

Heather Kendall
This is a monthly devotional blog concerned primarily with spiritual lessons learned from nature.

Marcia Laycock
Is a personal blog
Novel Journey is an excellent blog for writers – interviews with those in the industry, some in the ABA, and often good tips on marketing etc.
I post in rotation on The Word Guild blog – Canadian authors who are Christian
I also post in rotation on the Inscribe blog – Inscribe writers online

N. J. Lindquist
A place where I share things I’ve learned about writing and my opinions on thepublishing industry.
Blue Collar Writer is a blog where I’m constantly analyzing things and I needed a place to do something with my thoughts.
Is a place for my comments on life, from tips for losing weight to my thoughts on great music to comments on the Blue Jays, and so forth.
Release The Creative You is a place for me to blog about my thoughts on living the Christian life and becoming who God wants us to be.
Hot Apple Cider is a blog for promoting the book, Hot Apple Cider.

Lloyd Mackey
Ottawa Watch: A weekly analysis from Parliament Hill, written from a faith/political interface perspective.

Joanna Mallory
God With Us: Finding Joy is a blog to share short, weekly devotional thoughts that I hoped would bless hearts.

Violet Nesdoly
A personal blog promptings: Eclectic, and reflects my personal interests in spiritual things, family, gardening, birding, travel with lots of photos and music.
Mural Mania is a place to share my interest in murals and public art.
Line Upon Line is a blog where I post about writerly stuff.
Bible Drive-Thru will be republishing these daily devotions for 8-12 yr. olds again next year.
I also contribute to…
The Word Guild blog:
Inscribe blog:
and post book reviews on the Blogcritics blog:

Darlene Oakley
Dars Corrections is a personal blog
Mother-to-Mother Girlfriend Network is an interactive blog for moms
Everyday Bloggers is a blog where I participate in with a group of writers.

Denyse O’Leary
Check out my newest blog: Colliding universes (If there are zillions of universes, all your nightmares are real and are coming to get you at some point.)
The Mindful Hack is the blog for the book The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul by Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary
The Post-Darwinist is the blog for the book By Design or by Chance: The Growing Controversy on the Origins of Life in the Universe

Kimberley Payne
Fit for Faith is a blog that talks about spiritual and physical health guaranteed to inspire and motivate you to stay healthy into the new year!
I also post on occasion on The Word Guild blog – Canadian authors who are Christian

Denise Rumble
Midlife Odyssey is a blog for women in mid-life, however, there’s a lot for women of any age and men who come by will gain insights into women.

Ruth Smith Meyer
On my blog, you will find some of my reactions to life’s events and daily living, that I hope will stimulate you to reflect on your own and perhaps give you a different perspective.

Colleen Taylor
A personal blog exploring themes of identity and experiences.
Reflections on Siretona Creative (, whose ministry is to “Sing Release To Nations” through music (of course) in addition to writing, publishing, speaking and facilitating arts.
A temporary blog follows the progress of Colleen Taylor and Dara Hallett’s January 2009 tour.

Brenda Wood
Food for both body and soul because on the way to a size ten you have to keep both mouth and hands busy.

Sheila Wray Gregoire
Lots of marriage, family, and humor postings for all women who need to be encouraged that God cares more about them than about the size of the dust bunnies under their bed!
Weekly humorous podcast on family & marriage: no pretensions, just real life.

I challenge you to visit each blog over the next year and leave a comment!

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