Books to Buy as Christmas Gifts

Looking for Good Books for Christmas?

Below is a wide selection of books by John 3:16 Marketing Network authors to help you with your Christmas shopping.

We have compared books that you may not have discovered with more well-known books that have a similar style or flavour.

 Enjoy perusing these 40 plus books which are linked to Amazon for easy purchase.

And don’t forget, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas!


If you were helped by “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D….


You will be helped even more by “The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity” by Carol A. Brown because of its Christian Perspective.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.



If you liked “The Lake of Dreams” by Kim Edwards…


You will love “Crooked Lines” by Holly Michael.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.


If you liked “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom…


You will love “Children of Dreams” by Lorilyn Roberts.


If you liked “Finding Rebecca” by Eoin Dempsey…


You will love award-winning “The King, A Young Adult Fantasy” by Lorilyn Roberts, with its faith-based overtones.

Click here to learn more or to purchase. 



Creative Nonfiction
If you liked “Two From Galilee: The Story of Mary and Joseph” by  Marjorie Holmes…


You will love “Come to Me” by Laura J. Davis.

Click here to learn more or to purchase



If you liked “The Choice” by Nicholas Sparks…


You will love “Meander Scar” by Lisa Lickel.

Click here to learn more or to purchase.




If you liked “True Believer” by Nicholas Sparks…


You will love “Healing Grace” by Lisa Lickel.

Click here to learn more or to purchase. 


If you liked “The Hobbit” by JRR Tolkien…The_Hobbitt.jpeg

You will love “Prisoner of Reign” by Emma Right.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.


Children – Fiction

If you liked “Frozen” by Random House Disney…


You will love the “Princess Castle Adventure Mystery Series” by Emma Right.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.



If you liked “Redeeming Love” by Francene Rivers…


You will love “The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman” by Carole Brown.

To learn more or to purchase, click here 



If you liked “Beguiled” by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand…


You will love “With Music in Their Hearts” by Carole Brown.

To learn more or to purchase, click here. 



If you liked “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman…


Then you will love “How to Restore Your Marriage and Fall in Love Again” by Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC.

To learn more or to purchase, click here. 





If you liked “The Prayer That Changes Everything” by Stormie O. Martin…


Then you will love “God Restores” by Violet James, MSN.

To learn more or to purchase, click here. 



If you liked “Prayer” by Charles F. Stanley…


You will love  “Feed Your Spirit – A Collection of Devotionals on Prayer” by Kimberley Payne.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.



If you liked “Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron Bure…


You will love “Women of Strength” by Kimberley Payne.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.



If you liked “Healing Path” by Dan Allender…


You will love “From the Other Side of the Couch” by Judy Lair, LPCC.

To learn more or to purchase, click here. 



If you liked “Rees Howells Intercessor” by Norman Grubb…


You will love “One Lamb Redeemed” by Shoshana Goldberg.

To learn more or to purchase, click here



If you liked “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell…


Check out a great Christian equivalent that’s receiving rave reviews, “Summer’s Winter,” by Robin Johns Grant.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.




If you liked “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte…



You will enjoy “Gatehaven” by Molly Bull with its Christian influence.

Click here to learn more or to purchase.



If you liked “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman…


You will love “Spiralling Out of Control” by Michelle Dennis Evans.

Click here to purchase or learn more. 



If you liked “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins…



Don’t miss “Spiralling Out of the Shadow” by Michelle Dennis Evans.

Click here to learn more or to purchase.



If you liked “Mind’s Eye” by Douglas E. Richards…


Then you will love “Wake the Dead” by Victoria Buck.

Click here to purchase or learn more. 



If you liked “The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke” by Suze Orman…


Check out this Christian alternative, “Financial Empowerment, Realign Your Finances to God’s Will” by Pamela Carmichael.

Click here to order or learn more.


Fiction – Children

If you like “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis…


You will love the award-winning book, “The King of the Trees,” by William D. Burt.

To order or to learn more, click here 


Fiction – Children

If you liked “The Berenstain Bears’ God Made You Special” by Jan and Stan Berenstain…


You will love “Tadeo Turtle” by Janis Cox.

Click here to learn more or to purchase.




If you liked “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” by Jamie Ford…



You will love “Under the Silk Hibiscus” by Alice Wisler.Click here to order or learn more.Wisler_.jpg
FictionIf you liked “Truth Stained Lies” by Terri Blackstock…TruthStainedLiesSM.jpg You should check out “Shadow Stalker” by Barbara Ann Derksen.Click here to learn more or purchase.Derksen.jpg
NonfictionIf you liked “Experiencing God” by Richard and Henry Blackaby…Blackaby.jpeg

You will love “Do You Know the Names of God?” by Paul Muinde.

Click here to learn more or to purchase. 


FictionIf you liked “She’s in a Better Place” by Angela Hunt…Angela.jpeg

You will love  “Lake Surrender” by Carol Grace Stratton.

Click here to learn more or to purchase.


FictionIf you liked “Unlucky 13” by James Patterson…Patterson.jpg You will love “Essence of Evil” by Barbara Ann Derksen.Click here to learn more or to purchase. Essence.jpg
NonfictionIf you liked “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen…Osteen.jpg You will love “When Will My Life Not Suck” by Ramon Presson.Click here to learn more or to purchase. Suck.jpg

If you liked “The Shack” by William P. Young…


You will love “The Invitation” by Jim Edwards.Click here to learn more or to purchase.invitation.jpg


FictionIf you liked “Like Dandelion Dust” by Karen Kingsbury…1396540620_Like-Dandelion-Dust-Book-CoverLarge.jpg 

You will love “The Grace Assignment” by Terri Nighswonger.

Click here to learn more or to purchase.



If you liked “Bourne Identity” by Robert Ludlum…


You will love “Brother Half Angel” by Martin RothClick here to learn more or purchase. BrotherHalfAngel.jpeg
FictionIf you liked “Batman” by Frank Miller…Batman.jpg

You will love “The Good Fight” by Matthew R. Horn.

Click here to learn more or to purchase. 


FictionIf you liked “Watchmen” by Alan Moore…Watchmen.jpg You will love “Nothing Good is Free” by Matthew R. Horn.Click here to learn more or to
Fiction – ChildrenIf you liked “God Gave us Christmas” by Lisa Tawn Bergren…God-Gave-Us-Christmas.jpg You will love “Santa’s Birthday Gift” by Sherrill S. CannonClick here to purchase or learn more.Santa.jpg
Fiction If you liked “Split Infinity” by Piers Anthony…Piers_Anthony_-_Split_Infinity.jpeg  You will love “Seventh Dimension – The Door” by Lorilyn RobertsClick here to purchase or learn more The_Door
NonfictionIf you liked “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young…JesusCAlling.JPG  You will love “Journaling with Jesus” by Carol Round.Click here to learn more or to purchase. JournalingwithJesus.jpg
Nonfictionif you liked “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle…Thepowerofnow.jpg

You will love “Prayer Never Fails” by Berney K. Dorton.

Click here to purchase or learn more. 


FictionIf you liked “Indelible” by Karin Slaughter…Indelible.jpg You will love “One Smooth Stone” by Marcia Laycock.Click here to purchase or learn more. OneSmootheStone.jpg


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Merry Christmas!

Kimberley Payne

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider is now available as an e-book

The award-winning bestseller, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, is now available as an e-book.

For a short time, you can get it on or at the special introductory price of just $0.99 in Canada (or $1.00 in the US)! 

Please buy it through the Amazon store on The Word Guild’s website.

This special offer will only last until Christmas Day, December 25th, when it will then return to its regular low price of $6.59.

  • Short, self-contained chapters make it ideal for reading on mobile devices.
  • Lots of variety.
  • All of the pieces are filled with hope and encouragement.
  • Easy for busy people to read something satisfying and uplifting when taking a quick break.
  •  Book is easy for groups, leaders, pastors, etc. to use with the helps we’ve supplied through the free Reader’s Guide and Discussion Guide (which will soon also be available as an ebook).

Praise for A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Winner, Gift Book of the Year

Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award, 2012

Winner of 13 awards, The Word Awards 2012*

“Gem of a collection.”

Faith Today

“Short stories, poetry, and works of memoir picked for their inspirational nature, dedicated to finding a shining light in our lives that so often turn dark… touching and poignant.”

MidWest Book Review

“I couldn’t put the book down.”

The Record

“From a host of talented writers who serve rich words, wrap your hands around a volume that will not only warm you right through, but strengthen you for the road ahead. A perfectly inspiring read.”

Ann Voskamp, author of New York Times bestselling book One Thousand Gifts

“Hope-filled nuggets of wisdom… deep and soulful and pleasing.”

Manitoba Christian Online

“What a great book! [It] will give you a refreshing lift and a change of perspective, perhaps when you need it most.”

Ellen Vaughn, New York Times bestselling author

“This collection of wonderful writing… is honest, personal, and compelling… Like me, you’ll be comforted, inspired, and encouraged. I felt as if God were reading over my shoulder.”

Michael Messenger, Executive VP, World Vision Canada

“This comforting and encouraging book should be in every home, library, church, and school.”

Pauline Christian, President, Black Business and Professional Association

*The book won 6 first-place awards and 7 awards of merit in The Word Awards 2012. In all, 16 articles and stories from the book were shortlisted a total of 27 times. See more awards details

Rosemary Flaaten’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

True Thanksgiving


Life seldom goes the way we desire.  Instead, we find ourselves wallowing in disappointments and grief that threaten to rob us of  joy and fervour for life. “True Thanksgiving” gives the reader a glimpse into one of the saddest parts of my story – my mother’s drift into the abyss of Alzheimer’s Disease while I was only a teenage girl.  The sorrow wasn’t limited to that period of life. Rather there is an ongoing sadness that wells up at the most unexpected times, even as an adult woman. But, through this grief God has proven Himself to be faithful and the source of my joy and gratitude.


“At that tender age, I longed to have a mother who would give me advice when I needed to make decisions.  Instead, I was left to decipher this world alone, all the while pretending that my life was as normal as my friends’…As this array of memories swooped into my mind that Thanksgiving Sunday, self-pity consumed me, with anger crouched on the sidelines….He wanted me to get my eyes off the pain and to recognize the incredible ways He had helped me get through the quagmire of loss and hurt.  Even in the middle of my pain, He had been at work.  Now, He was tenderly calling me to trust Him to take care of me, no matter what.” (p.107-108)

Rosemary Flaaten

Rosemary Flaaten’s  Bio

Rosemary Flaaten, M.A., B.Ed., is an award-winning author, life and career coach, adjunct professor, internationally sought after speaker, and a Certified Personality Trainer. She coaches college aged young adults, professional women at various stages in their careers and individuals seeking relational and life skills improvements. Her published books include A Woman and Her Workplace: Building Healthy Relationships 9 to 5 (BHP, 2010) and A Woman and Her Relationships: Transforming the Way We Connect (BHP, 2007) both with accompanying DVD small group resource kits. Rosemary lives in Calgary with her husband and three teenage children.

Why did I write it?

I strongly believe that God uses the things we go through, both the good and the tough, to transform us and to bring us closer to Him. Our stories also have the potential to impact others, if we are willing to share them.  My prayer is that by sharing my pain and struggle around mom and Alzheimer’s Disease that somehow people will be drawn into a deeper faith in God and that ultimately He will be glorified.  This would become a beautiful example of God bringing good out of everything!

Links to Author’s site

Rosemary Flaaten’s website

Links to where readers can buy the book

That’s Life Communications


Chapters Indigo

Kimberley Payne’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

A Personal Makeover — Inside and Out

Page 167

A twist of fate befalls a woman who is gifted with the “anti-athlete” gene, as she ventures into the world of fitness.


With three older brothers, you’d expect I’d have more of an aptitude for sports. But while each of my brothers enjoyed playing all kinds of sports, and seemed to have been gifted with strong athletic genes, I lacked co-ordination and felt awkward. What predominant gene did I get? The anti-athlete gene.

I wasn’t  a horrible athlete, but I never felt the euphoria of being picked first for any team. Ever. I never hit a home run, never scored the winning goal, and never made a touchdown. I couldn’t run 10 metres without my calf muscles cramping into what looked like tennis balls. In grade eight, I signed up for shot put just so I could say—for once in my life—that I was part of the track and field team. Don’t even get me started on how badly I threw a Frisbee!

Consequently, after I left grade school, I stayed clear of any- thing that had to do with sports or unnecessary athletic activity.

It wasn’t until I discovered that I was three weeks pregnant with my first child at age 27 that I began to think about changing my anti-athletic ways. I wanted to set an example for my baby— something more positive than being a stay-in-bed mom.

Kimberley Payne


Kimberley Payne’s Bio

Kimberley Payne is a motivational speaker and writer. Her writing relates raising a family, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and everyday experiences to building a relationship with God. Kimberley, who lives near Peterborough, Ontario, offers practical, guilt-free tips on improving spiritual and physical health. Her energetic and enthusiastic workshop presentations have encouraged listeners at churches, women’s retreats and conferences.

Why did I write it?

Many people assume that as a former personal trainer and fitness advocate I was naturally born with the desire to exercise. I wanted to share, in a humourous way, how this wasn’t actually true and in doing so, encourage others that health is an achievable goal.

Links to Author’s Sites

Kimberley Payne’s website

Kimberley Payne’s Facebook Page

Links to where readers can buy the book

That’s Life Communications


Chapters Indigo

The Next Big Thing?

Is Trees of the Book gonna be The Next Big Thing?

I have been tagged by Jan Cox  author of Tadeo Turtle.

Here are my answers to the questions:

What is the (working) title of your book?

The activity bookTrees of the Book – Learning from God’s Creation, will be coming out in the spring of 2013.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

As an avid walker, I have a love and appreciation for nature, especially walking through the woods.  I also like to read the Bible and found myself curious about the trees mentioned in scripture.  At the time I started my research I was actively involved in children’s ministry in my church so wanted to share what I learned in an entertaining format for the children. I produced one-sheets to fit into the weekly bulletins and featured one tree a week for seven weeks. I collected these together and added facts about each tree with fun activities. And voila, I had the beginnings of this book!

What genre does your book fall under?

Trees of the Book is written for children in grades two and three. It can also be used for teachers as a supplemental book to the Growth & Changes in Plants curriculum for Canadian teachers.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I could see such a book being narrated by someone from Veggie Tales, like Bob the Tomatoe, as the stories are brought to life through cartoon characters that would appeal to young children…maybe Larry the Cucumber.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Take a tour of 7 different trees in the Bible and discover the stories God has to tell through them.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Self-published. I am working with Diane from ByDesign Media to publish the book and Esther Haug to create the illustrations.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I started in 2008 and played with the manuscript over the years.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

Peter Black, a Canadian author, had mentioned that he put together his book Parables from the Pond after sharing it with his church audience one story at a time.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Each of the seven chapters includes a Bible story told from the viewpoint of the tree, fast facts to help identify the specific tree, and an activity to help reinforce the truth in the lesson. Challenging questions support each story. Glossary and “People of the Bible” sections at the back of the book define words highlighted in bold. Project suggestions are provided to supplement your learning.

And now I tag:

Eric Wright

Ed Hird

N. J. Lindquist’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Twenty-five Years Later

Page 81

Twenty-five Years Later” is a glimpse into the life of Mariane Klein, a reserved, forty-seven-year-old former missionary who reluctantly agrees to attend a weekend reunion with three college roommates. The weekend ends up being life-changing.


“What was I thinking?” Since Mariane Klein was alone in the rented Ford Taurus, her words drifted in the air with no hope of response. Alfred and Merlin, the German shepherds she’d adopted from a rescue shelter, were back in Regina being spoiled by her next-door neighbour.

“Lord, I just want to turn around and pretend something came up. Some kind of emergency—maybe one of the dogs could have puppies.” She sighed. Right. Both dogs are male. Anyway, there was no use trying; she’d never been able to lie with even a modicum of conviction. But now might be a good time to try.

Just the thought of the weekend ahead made her queasy. Four women, all in their late forties, getting together for an entire weekend after 25 years of silence… Why, oh why, had she agreed?

It had been Charlie’s idea, of course. Charlie, short for Charlene, the petite blonde sparkplug whose mind had always overflowed with ideas. Tall, mocha-skinned Drew would coolly evaluate Charlie’s ideas and choose the best of them. Then ponytailed Tess, the youngest member of a large Italian family, would put on her brown-rimmed glasses, flesh out the ideas, and see that they were carried out.

And Mariane? The Mariane of old was a dumpy, mousey-haired, tongue-tied nobody who nervously went along with whatever the others decided, grateful to be included, daily expecting the others would suggest she find new friends….

After graduation, all four of them got busy with life, and they lost touch… until a few weeks ago, when Tess had found Mariane on Facebook. Truth be told, when Mariane had seen a “Friend Request” from someone named Tess Stratton, she’d almost ignored it. But something made her take a closer look at the photo, and she’d realized with a start that Tess Stratton was actually Tess Luciani, all grown up and presumably married.

Mariane’s heart had sunk to the vicinity of her toes. Those college days were so long ago; she had no desire to remember them, much less recreate them. But to refuse to acknowledge Tess, who had always been kind to her, would be like slapping Arthur or Merlin for jumping up to greet her when she came home after a trip. There are some things you just can’t do.

After a quick prayer (Oh, Lord, stop me if this is a mistake), Mariane had closed her eyes and hit “Confirm.”

N. J. Lindquist’s Bio

N. J. Lindquist is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker who loves seeing people freed from the hurts of their past and empowered to serve God joyfully and effectively. She is the author of 10 books and co-editor of the Hot Apple Cider series.

Why did I write it?

For the first book, I wrote two true personal experience stories. Since I’m better known as a novelist, I decided that for the second book I needed to write fiction. I decided to set my story in Winnipeg (I’m originally from Manitoba) and to put four women who hadn’t seen each other for 25 years together and see what happened. The result is a tear-jerker which gets me every time I read it.

Links to Author’s Sites

N. J. Lindquist’s main website

Mysteries website

Links to where readers can buy the book

That’s Life Communications


Chapters Indigo