Every Place by Philonda C. Johnson

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Every Place by Philonda Johnson, Virtual Book Tour May 15-26, 2017.

Genre: Christian, Business

Book Release: March 31, 2017

Philonda Johnson is the dynamic combination of successful entrepreneur and engaging speaker with valuable insight to share. Her mission is to help others fight for their MasterPurpose by empowering them to realize their Divine value and need for faith-fueled courage.

She is the Founder and CEO of The Leadership Playground, a development company that focuses on kick-starting the growth of a leader by focusing on the power of play, creativity and wholehearted living. She often draws from her background in Psychology and a decade of experience as an urban educator to inspire her coaching and leadership work. Philonda’s employment expertise is derived from serving 9 years as the Founding Principal of a successful charter school in Washington, DC. Philonda has a deep heart for and is dedicated to advancing women of color leaders, spirit-led entrepreneurs, and school administrators.

Philonda hosts her own motivational online radio show and podcast, The Audacity to Shine with Coach Philonda, and Every Place on her newly launched Network, the Brave Entrepreneur Radio Network. She is excited for the release her first major book, Every Place: When our intimacy with God transforms how we experience fear and launch our MasterPurpose Business. Philonda’s book will be released March 31st, 2017.

She incorporates her professional expertise, personal trials and life triumphs into every presentation and conversation to have a transformational impact. She can connect with and inspire her audience. Philonda can weave her training goals into a beautiful story that makes key concepts sticky and actionable. Her energetic and audacious approach is refreshing, honest and leaves the audience ready to achieve their goals. Her mission is to help others fight for their MasterPurpose by empowering them to realize their Divine value and need for faith-fueled courage.

Every Place isn’t your typical book about entrepreneurship. It is Philonda’s beautiful and intimate testimony of how she overcame fear, developed a deeper relationship with God, uncovered her Master Purpose and transformed as a leader in her business. Every Place provides an exciting roadmap for Christian entrepreneurs who desire to design, build and launch their business God’s Way. Using the Biblical character Joshua’s legacy as a leader, readers will learn the essential tools and strategies required to experience breakthroughs and success in your Christ-centered business. Philonda pushes Christian entrepreneurs to be audacious and to S.L.A.Y. in their business: Seek God, Love God, Act for God and Yield Fruit for God. This book was written in honor of every brave entrepreneur that has struggled to find their Divine purpose and launch a business in alignment with their dreams. This book was written for you.


You made it—you finally made it! You are the guest of honor at the fabulous bash thrown to celebrate the audacious decision you’ve made to pursue a life of abundance, power and liberty. When it comes to getting what you want out of life, the single most important thing to know is that God has already blessed your path. Joshua 1:3 says, “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.” (NLT) Now, with the realization of this beautiful promise, all you must do is choose. Choose to construct a masterpiece life built on a deep understanding of the God you serve and your Divine purpose. I love to call this your MasterPurpose. Clarity about your MasterPurpose will impact how you will show up in the world and leave your mark as an Entrepreneur. 

When you decide to step out of your own way and into beautiful alignment with your MasterPurpose, all things are possible. This is a brave c hoice and not for the scared, timid or weak leader. It is a declaration to the world that you believe your life, purpose, message and talents are worth fighting for. To reach our fullest potential, we must train ourselves to have an audacious mindset, which frames how we perceive and respond to situations especially adversity. An audacious mindset is the defining factor between experiencing a life of abundance or scarcity. Remaining connected to your MasterPurpose requires a shift in your thinking and actions. It requires a deep and intimate relationship with God.

I yearn to be close and in the presence of God. The battle wounds and scars of life have taught me one important lesson. As I have matured as a believer, I have learned that I am nothing without an intimate relationship with my creator. For in his presence, all things are made new. More specifically, in his presence all believers have access to God’s peace, love, mercy and wisdom. Our close relationship with God activates our MasterPurpose, the Divine plan for our life. He shows us the desires of His heart for us and is the source of our own ambition. He inspires us to dream big and desire radical success in every area and level of our lives. Your MasterPurpose could be a ministry, an entrepreneurial venture, a book, a family or even a school. Your MasterPurpose births your entrepreneurial venture. It could be a book, a clothing company, a law practice or even a school. It is the idea you believe God has commissioned you to lead to benefit His people. We all have been called to be leaders of faith entrusted with an assignment to fulfill while here on Earth.


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7 Tips to Networking at a Conference

Write Canada conference 2014

Write Canada conference 2014


Write Canada conference 2014

7 tips to Networking at a Conference

I’ve attended the Write Canada conference every year since 2003, so I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on networking.

Obvious tips would be to suggest that you: 1) carry business cards in your right pocket and collect other attendees’ cards in your left. (This is assuming you wear a jacket or pants that have pockets) and, 2) wear your name tag on the upper right side of your chest. (Again, assuming that it’s a name tag that is removable.)

Although these tips may be handy and I could probably come up with 5 more similar ideas like, 3) volunteer at the event, 4) ask open-ended questions, 5) remember to smile, 6) keep records of who you meet, and 7) followup with a short email, I felt a nudge in my spirit that networking is so much more than this. My thoughts were confirmed a number of times at the 2014 Write Canada conference.

Simply put, networking is about helping others. It’s not about schmoosing and looking to see what’s in it for you. It’s about meeting the needs of others.

Marcia Laycock summarized this beautifully for me on our ride home from the conference. She explained that each year she chooses a word that she lives up to. It could be grace, forgiveness, miracle – well, anything really.

Her word for this year? Give.

Giving is not limited to finances. She may give a word of encouragement, give a helping hand, or give up her time to talk with a person. This is networking at its core. It’s not selfish or self-centred. It’s meeting other people and asking yourself, “How can I help them?”

Years ago I was asked to review Boomy Tookan’s book, New Year’s Resolutions: The Guide to Getting It Right Why Many New Year Resolutions Fail Within 30 Days How To Make Yours Work and Kick Start Your Year Book. I found the nugget of genius in the last chapter. He titled the chapter, “What Will You Do For Others.” What was the nugget that changed my life?

“The way to get what you want is to help other people get what they want.”

Yes! This is the secret to networking.

Tookan writes, “I learnt many years ago that the way to think about how much you want to earn is to think about how much you want to give. Yes; the amount of money you want to give away should be your first thought.”

Jeff Goins puts it this way,

“It’s not what you know. It’s not who you know. It’s who you help.”

It’s simply the principle of sowing and reaping. I believe the Bible may have a thing or two to say on this topic. “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously (2 Corinthians 9:6 NIV).”

As Christ-followers let’s get out there and network! See you at the next Write Canada conference!

I Am Home – Meeting Other Like Minded Writers at a Writer’s Conference

TWG Write! Canada 2011 002

Guelph Bible Conference Centre grounds

My name is Kimberley Payne and I am a writer.

I won my first award for writing as a grade 4 student. I had entered the Legion’s poetry contest and won second prize. I remember having to stand in front of a small audience to read my poem–it felt both freeing and frightening.

I kept a journal of all my trips camping with my family and my two-week stint in Quebec during a student exchange in grade ten. I still have these journals.

I also uncovered a romance story that I had written to amuse my girlfriend in high school. Each week, I wrote a chapter with a new adventure. They’re so embarrassing to read now as an adult!

In my dark days, I wrote poetry. I’ve kept many of these poems – mainly as reminders of how difficult life is as a teenager. Many speak on suicide and my continuous battle with depression.

Pen pals were seen as lifelines. I would write up to ten pages detailing my life and couldn’t wait to receive a new letter in the mail from around the world. I especially liked to read about my cousin’s life in the Netherlands.

I wrote for the school newspaper but focused mainly on creating fun things like word jumbles and crossword puzzles.

I wrote poems for special events like birthdays,weddings, and anniversaries. My mom kept some of these, but I wish that I had kept my own.

But writing was seen as a hobby; something done for fun. I attended Wilfrid Laurier University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I’m certain that my essays in philosophy helped my overall grade-point average. Some friends questioned why I didn’t major in Philosophy or Psychology instead of Business!

Upon graduation, I worked many temporary jobs until I landed work as a Career Counsellor. Again, my writing skills helped with working on case notes for my clients.

After six years, I was laid off, moved, and started a new life. This included a new job – self-employment as a personal fitness trainer. I loved developing my advertising and marketing plans for the business and coming up with fun names for some of my workshops.

But still, writing was part of all my other jobs…not a job in itself. Not until I moved once again, left my business, my family and friends and went to Orillia, Ontario where I found God and found my true call in life. I remember the tear-filled afternoon in 2001 when the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart that I am a writer.

In 2003, I attended my first writer’s conference in Guelph, Ontario called God Uses Ink (now Write Canada). Stepping onto the beautiful grounds at Guelph Bible Conference Centre and meeting other writers like myself, I exclaimed,

“I am home.”

I’ve attended Canada’s largest conference for Christians who write every year since then.

TWG Write! Canada 2011

Guelph Bible Conference Centre grounds