The Final Ultimatum by Unoma Nwankwor

Please join author Unoma Nwankwor as she tours the blogosphere with Write Now Literary Book Tours and her new release The Final Ultimatum, October 21, 2016.

Book Title: The Final Ultimatum

Author: Unoma Nwankwor

Publication Date:  Oct 21, 2016

Genre: Christian Romance

About The Book

For the second time in Olanma Obinze-Rice’s life love hasn’t been good to her. Five years ago, a repossessed car and the looming threat of eviction, left Olanma Obinze-Rice in dire need of cash. Then out of the blue, she landed an interview of a lifetime that would solve all her problems. But she had to go through former bad boy and heir of Rice Holdings, Abayomi Rice. One ultimatum, a whirlwind romance and a life scare later, Olanma and Abayomi were married.

Now all Olanma wants is to be free. Free from her rocky marriage, manipulative husband and overbearing father. If everything goes according to plan, she’ll be divorced and free from her father’s clutches by her thirtieth birthday. All she has to do is wrap up one last business deal. Once he gets divorce papers, Abayomi Rice knows his wife has called his bluff. He didn’t mean to manipulate her but her broken promises and inability to stand up to her father tore them apart.

Despite their present state, the finality of a divorce is not an option. He wants his wife back. With his sister’s wedding coming up, he sets his plan in motion and issues one final ultimatum- pretend to be a happy couple one last time. Their farce leads to unexpected healing of their hearts, but then life throws another wrench in the plan. An ultimatum brought them together will this final one tear them apart?

About The Author
Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents, Unoma Nwankwor is a multi-published author and 2015 winner of the Nigerian Writers’ Award for Best Faith Based Fiction. Her readers are in love with her unique story telling that fuses faith, romance and African spice, capturing the essence of her present home base; Atlanta and her Nigerian culture. She is also the COO ofKevStel Group LLC and resides in Atlanta with her husband and two kids.


“Nma, so where’s this husband you keep saying you have?” Abayomi heard the man say as he approached.
Olanma giggled and then abruptly stopped. Abayomi knew that in that moment she sensed his presence. She turned sideways, but the man she was with was so busy checking her out that he didn’t see Abayomi walk up.

“If he’s not taking care of…”

“I hear you’re looking for me and I take care of my wife just fine.” Abayomi came to a halt between Olanma and the man.
The look of shock on both their faces was satisfying. Nma? He couldn’t believe she allowed another man to call her that. Not even her father called her “beauty.” Only two people had that privilege – he and her grandmother. Or so he thought.

Abayomi snaked his arm around his wife’s waist and kissed her hair. He then stretched out his other hand to the man. “Abayomi Rice, said husband.”
The expression on the man’s face switched from shock to embarrassment. At least he had some shame.
After a few moments, he heard his wife say, “Yomi, this is Emeka Maduka, an old friend.”
Old friend? That’s what she thought. The man wanted her. Abayomi wasn’t fooled. He wrote the book on old friends. It was time to cut this little reunion short. “It was nice meeting you. I’ll take my wife now.”

Abayomi didn’t wait for a response before he ushered Olanma out of the ballroom. He found a secluded area where they could talk. He stared at her and began to pace. He had never been good at hiding his possessive nature.
“Yomi, that was rude and what are you doing here?” Olanma asked in a hushed whisper.
“Apparently, reminding you that you’re still my wife.”
She stared at him in disbelief. “No, I’m not doing this with you.”
“Really? Nma,” Abayomi said, his tone laced with irritation and sarcasm.

“You’ve got some nerve. You pop into Lagos two days ago, and then you don’t come home…” Her voice was shaky with rage. “I’m not doing this with you. Not here.” She began to walk away.
Abayomi exhaled. He was messing this up. “Olanma, wait.”
She stopped, but didn’t turn around.
“I’m sorry. I saw him touch you and then you laughed with him. I haven’t heard that sound in ages and I saw red.”
He hadn’t meant to reveal all that, but masked feelings were what had brought them to this point. If there was going to be a chance for them, they would have to lay down the masks. And since he was the one that was served with divorce papers, he had to take the first step. His prayer was that his vulnerability would lead them back to the intimacy they once shared. Where their souls were tied as one and hopefully rebuild their trust. He hoped she would see that.

Olanma walked back to him and stared at him intently. “It’s been a year. What did you expect? That I’d curl up and die?” She turned and walked away.

Her heated eyes showed him her soul. She was hurt, but so was he. This wasn’t what he imagined for them. Past the pain and anger he saw in her eyes, he also saw longing and love. It was clearer to him that restoring his marriage would be an uphill battle. Losing, however, wasn’t an option.
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Marie and Mr. Bee by Margaret Welwood


About the Book

Marie is a happy little girl who lives in a cabin in the woods, working and playing with her forest friends . . . until a not-so-busy bee entices her to neglect her work! Compassion, forgiveness, and a forever friendship ensue.

By the following summer, Mr. Bee is too old to fly. But every night, Marie lifts her little friend onto her lap and reads to him from the Book of John and the Book of Proverbs.

Marie uses a wheelchair, which is clear from the pictures. However, there is only one reference to the chair in the text–when she wheels the ailing Mr. Bee back to her cabin after his expulsion from the hive. Some people appreciate the fact that the disability is present without being the focus. Others are pleased to see someone with a disability in the role of rescuer.

“Young readers will be so busy turning pages they won’t even realize they’re taking in some of life’s most valuable truths. . . . the power of choice, the treasure of friendship, the capabilities of ‘disabled’ children, what kindness looks like. Marie and Mr. Bee confirms again the power of great story-telling to open up our world, teach us, and help us grow.” (Amazon reviewer)

Book Excerpt


About the Author


Margaret Welwood’s granddaughter Tina may be the only one who missed the school bus that cold morning because she and her grandma were engaged in populating a pink roomed bug hotel. There were only two guests, and the two storytellers wrestled with the author’s universal dilemma—having given their heroes a worthy obstacle, what happens next?

As a child without knowledge of sensors or security, Margaret used to imagine herself hiding in the library until it was closed, then sneaking out into the stacks and reading all night . . .

because she loves stories!

When her children were little Margaret was the story lady during the morning church service, and later she held a story circle at the after school care her grandson attended. Margaret is now a volunteer story reader at the museum. As well, she taught English as a Second Language to adults for years with stories as a mainstay.

Margaret has written over 100 traditionally published magazine and newspaper articles. She also edited To Teach, To Learn, To Live: The Complete Diabetes Education Guide for Health Care Professionals by Diane O’Grady, RN, BSN, CDE, Second Edition (2006). This book won first place in the reference category of the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards (2010).

Her grandchildren’s welcome question, “Can you tell me a story?” precipitated a joyous flying leap into children’s book writing. First came Tommy, Tina and Katie Kat, heroes of Scissortown—and then Marie and Mr. Bee, whose gentle lessons on work ethic and (dis)ability are winning the hearts of children and grown-ups.

Margaret also edits children’s stories and adult non-fiction, reviews children’s picture books, and tutors English as a Second Language and literacy.

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A Way Out of Hell by Jim Baton

A Way Out

About the Book

When ISIS turns your city into a living hell…
ISIS unleashes a reign of terror across Indonesia. As a former jihadist, Abdullah knows all too well the high cost and absolute ineffectiveness of fighting such violence with violence. He accepts the impossible challenge of finding the ISIS cell hidden in his city, and disbanding it non-violently. But time is running out, and there may not be any city left to save.
Meanwhile, he has to protect his adopted daughter Sari, a Christian university student, who is one of ISIS’s targets. Together they come face-to-face with the holy warriors of mass destruction and strive to overcome that evil with good.
In this riveting sequel to Someone Has to Die, Jim Baton introduces us to the real people caught in the web of terrorism, with their wide variety of backgrounds and motivations, and the possibility that they, too, can change.

Book Excerpt

Excerpt from A WAY OUT OF HELL

“Just tell me what you want me to do.” Abdullah braced himself for the worst.

The Intelligence agent leaned back in the chair with his hands pressed together tapping his lips. “If ISIS is indeed here, I want you to find their terrorist cell and take it down. And I want you to do this…” he paused, “…non-violently.”

Was this old guy insane? “How am I supposed to do that?” Abdullah asked.

“I can’t tell you who they are and I can’t tell you how to stop them non-violently, though I have some ideas I’ll share with you as we go along. But I can tell you why—because taking them down violently isn’t working. If we kill them, the radicals’ anger grows, and ten more volunteer in their place. If we capture them, our prisons become fertile ground for jihad recruitment. There has to be a better way.”

Abdullah’s mind was spinning. “Has anyone ever tried this before?”

“Actually, yes,” Joko answered. “While our American counterpart, the CIA, with its inhumane prisons and interrogations, has created one of the most effective marketing campaigns for terrorist recruiters in history, resulting in an over fifty percent increase in radical groups since 2010, there are a few dissenting voices, and the FBI has tried some softer tactics with cells in America and had some success. I’ll share the ideas I’m gleaning from them at another time.”

Joko tipped his cup to drain the last coffee drop before continuing.

“Here in Indonesia we have a similar conundrum: the more ‘hard power’ the Detachment 88 Special Forces use in combating terrorism, the harder it is for the moderate majority to discern who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Well, eventually Detachment 88 will get access to the intelligence we have, and they’ll show up in Banjarmasin, guns blazing. I’m sure you’ve seen the footage of Israeli soldiers combing Gaza for Hamas fighters? If ISIS is truly here and planning something, Detachment 88 could turn this city into a war zone where both sides cause civilian casualties. This is not the Middle East yet, where defeating ISIS requires all-out war. ISIS is just beginning their invasion of Indonesia. We have a limited window here, to find these groups and motivate them to disband before they feel it’s ‘kill or be killed.’

“That’s why we need you. You know this city. You have the background to understand what motivates these men. You speak their language. You’re also committed to non-violent resolutions to problems. You’re our best chance for peace.”

Abdullah shook his head and ran both hands through his short-cropped hair. “I still think it’s crazy. So are you offering me a job under BIN?”

“Actually, no. My theories are still unproven, so I have limited official resources here. I’m asking you to do this as a civilian. You need to understand that you’re basically on your own—I can’t call in Special Ops to rescue you. But I will give you all the intelligence leaks I can, and maybe a foot soldier or two if I can wrest them away from other duties.”

“On my own,” Abdullah mumbled. What else is new?

About the Author

Jim Baton (pen name) has spent the last 20 years living in the Muslim world, where he’s been involved in a variety of peace and reconciliation activities including interfaith dialogue, training elementary through university students in peace principles, and bringing Christians and Muslims together to pray.  His real name and photo can’t be displayed on this site to protect his identity from the extremist groups where he lives out his faith. Learn more at his website. 

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Taffy by Suzette D. Harrison

Please join author Suzette. D Harrison as she tours the blogosphere with  Write Now Literary Book Tours 

and her new release Taffy on
October 4, 2016.

Author: Suzette D. Harrison

Genre: Historical Fiction; Historical Romance

Book Title: TAFFY

Publication Date: February 11, 2016

ISBN-10: 1523298251
ISBN-13: 978-1523298259

About The Book

Welcome to the sleepy, all-Black southern town of Bledsoe, where Colored residents proudly declare “ain’t nothing white here ‘cept milk and teeth.” It’s 1935. A press-and-curl costs a quarter. Records play on phonographs. And a telephone is a luxury.

Meet twenty-three-year-old Taffy Bledsoe Freeman. She doesn’t need her gift of second sight to know her “mockery of a marriage” to a man twice her age is far from good. After a seven-year exile Up North, Taffy travels down-home to the small town bearing her family’s name, plotting her escape from a marriage not worth the price of a press-and-curl. She only needs to retrieve the son her husband banished to her parents’ care, before boarding a train headed for the Windy City filled with liberty and opportunity. Instead, Taffy stumbles into Roam Ellis: the man Taffy meant to marry.

Twenty-six-year-old Roam Ellis is a “broad-shouldered, hard-bodied” Pullman porter riding the rails coast-to-coast, outrunning the bitter heartbreak Taffy left behind. Now, after a seven-year absence, Roam is face-to-face with his first love. Anger ignites. Old wounds are exposed. But when pain subsides, passion rises, thrusting Taffy and Roam into a hurricane of buried secrets and lies.

Reminiscent of the works of Bernice McFadden, Bertice Berry, and Andrea Smith (The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner) this Historical Romance is bathed in southern lore and sweeping imagery. Lyrical and powerful, Taffy is a story of restoration and redemption that you won’t soon forget.

About The Author

Suzette D. Harrison, a native Californian and the middle of three daughters, grew up in a home where reading was required, not requested. Her literary “career” began when her poetry appeared in a volume of creative writing published by her junior high school. While Ms. Harrison pays homage to Gloria Naylor, Dr. Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, and Toni Morrison for initially inspiring her creative spirit, it was Alex Haley’s Roots (which she read at the age of fourteen) that unveiled the tremendous power and importance of African American literary voices. In addition to being the wife of a university professor and mother of gorgeous children, Suzette is a cupcake proprietor who loves singing gospel-with-a-hint-of-jazz. An elementary school librarian, Suzette is currently working on her next novel…in between batches of cupcakes.


Taffy made ready to fuss him out only to reconsider. That steel-headed man won’t move. She would. Taffy eyed the fence, knowing she’d earlier hopped it with ease. But she couldn’t hike her dress up before present company.

“Go ahead,” Roam goaded, popping peppermints in his mouth, ready to enjoy the spectacle. “I’d like to see you try.”
Options were few with the opposite side of the road lined by a ditch and a frighteningly out-of-control briar patch. Taffy could reverse her path. I’m not! Taffy had long ago learned how to do what she had to.

“You ‘bout to break something,” Roam warned, shaking his head as Taffy prepared to climb. “Gal, quit acting up and walk this way.”
Ignoring Roam, Taffy hoisted herself onto the bottom rail. Fumbling, she tried climbing with shoes in hand, finally dropping them over the fence, onto the other side.

Roam moved quickly before Taffy, too, was beyond reach.

Taffy felt an arm snake about her waist, effortlessly hauling her backward as if it didn’t cost Roam a thing. “What’re you doing?!”
“Whatever I want,” Roam responded, setting Taffy on her feet, anchoring an arm about her waist when Taffy spun, spitting heat.
“Move, Roam.” Taffy strained against Roam’s iron hold. “Get off me before I hurt you!”
“Already did.”

Her fire fizzled. Voice softened, tongue tasted regret. “Roam, what do you want?”
“You.” Taffy stilled. Roam reinforced his hold. “Two things I won’t do with you: mince words or waste time.” Lifting her chin, claiming her mouth, Roam proved his point.

His lips were hot, soft, sweet. Taffy got lost savoring them and him, and the bombarding emotions of mere moments before became nonexistent. Oh my blessedness, Taffy inwardly purred, feeling a slow, unsanctioned melting. They’d shared quick, quaint kisses in adolescent sweetheart days. Never this. Never with man-to-woman savoir faire. Resuscitated passions exploded and multiplied. Taffy could barely breathe let alone think, so she followed love’s lead and held on for the ride.

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B and B by Christine Meunier


About the Book

Things are changing…

Ben likes his life at Happy Trails.  As a trail guide on a property in Australia he doesn’t have to work hard to make friends.  All he needs to do is make sure his clients are safe on their horses and have an enjoyable ride.

Ben can manage that.  He loves that he can work with horses all day, every day.  The humans are an added annoyance but he only has to deal with them in short bouts.

The new cook hired for the farm looks like she could be a complication.  Ben is averse to change and he is certain her arrival means change.

Brooke knows the trial position as cook at Happy Trails is a blessing.  She needs a job to support herself and her daughter – the fact that she can cook for an income is an added bonus.

If she can just avoid the interest of trail guide and jokester Jake, she’ll be fine.  After all, she isn’t interested in a new male in her life.  She just wants to focus on her daughter and make a future for them.

Book Excerpt

Equine Excerpt: B and B

Ben finished his third cup of coffee before heading back out to the mare.  He’d checked on her every couple of hours over the course of the evening and although she hadn’t worsened, she’d taken awhile for her symptoms to decline.  He’d never been so relieved to see a horse pass manure than at 3:00 that morning.  He’d checked her again at 5:00 and been rewarded with a spectacular sunset shortly after.

He fed the horses early, knowing he might as well get it out of the way before it got too hot and then checked on Ellie again at 8:00 and 10:00.  The last check he’d been pleased to find that she was eating and drinking quite happily, calling out to her friends in the paddock and her temperature had gone down.

“Just a couple more hours of me observing you before I put you back out to pasture, girlie,” he’d explained as he watched the farm utility vehicle heading down the drive with three females on their way to church.

A couple of hours later and they were returning.  Ben was once again checking on the mare, lost in his own thoughts as he watched her methodically chew on another flake of hay.

“How’s Ellie doing?” Brooke suddenly asked from beside him, gaining his attention, “Margaret said she had colic last night?”

Ben nodded.

“Yeah.  I think she’s passed the worst of it, though.  She started eating normally about six this morning and seems to have her digestive system functioning fine,” he responded with a tired smile.

Brooke returned the smile.  Ben noticed that Ella wasn’t with her; he concluded she must have gone inside with Margaret.

“You look beat!  Did you get much sleep last night in between checks?” Brooke asked.

Ben shrugged.

“Is there a ride booked this afternoon?” she questioned further.

Ben nodded.

“Yeah, a few experienced riders.  It’ll be nice to go for a bit of a run,” he responded, causing Brooke to grin.

“I’ll bet!  I hope it’s refreshing for you, rather than tiring.”

Ben glanced at Brooke’s attire as she leant on the rail to the yard Ellie was in.  She was dressed simply but beautifully.  Suddenly he thought about her comment at Ella’s birthday lunch.  Maybe she dresses so nicely for a man at church.

“So does your man go to church?” he asked suddenly, not able to take the question back although he would have liked to.

Brooke looked at him in confusion.

“My man…?”

“I was thinking about your comment to Jake about not being single… and well, there aren’t really many opportunities around here,” he gestured at the property before them, “to meet people, so I wondered if he went to the church you go along to each week.”

Brooke laughed.

“Oh!  Honestly the congregation is made up of mainly older people…” her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper, “and I just said that to tease Jake.”

Her laughter hit something deep within him.  He couldn’t decide what made it beautiful, but was surprised to find that that was how he would describe it.  Perhaps it was the fact that it followed a statement of her being available that made it so appealing.

It wasn’t until she turned her attention to him that he realised he must have crept closer.  How else was her face now so close to his?  She smiled at him, seemingly oblivious to the thoughts racing through his mind.

It wasn’t until she looked up at him in surprise that he realised he had gone too far.  He wondered if his gaze mirrored hers.  How had he kissed her?  Fool!

“I’m… sorry,” he muttered, taking a step back to put some space between them.

“For kissing me?” she asked in confusion.

He frowned.  What else would I be apologising for?

“Umm… yeah.”


“Because you didn’t want to do that?”

He looked at her, struggling to gather his thoughts.  He wasn’t sure what she wanted him to say; why he needed to clarify in what way he was sorry for having crossed a boundary that shouldn’t have been crossed.

“I don’t tend to do things that I don’t want to do,” he muttered, taking another step back.

“So you did want to kiss me?” she asked clarifying.

Just get out of here.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you,” Ben responded firmly, turning on his heel and striding off.

He forced himself to not run away, but was sure that his pace increased even as the distance between them did.  Why did his cabin seem so far away?


About the Author

Christine Meunier considers herself introduced to the wonderful world of horses at the late age of 13 when her parents agreed to lease a horse for her.  She started experiencing horses via books from a young age and continues to do so, but recognises that horses cannot be learnt solely from books.

She has been studying horses from age 16, starting with the Certificate II in Horse Studies.  In 2015 she finished a Bachelor of Equine Science.

Christine has worked at numerous thoroughbred studs in Australia as well as overseas in Ireland for a breeding season.

She then gained experience in a couple of Melbourne based horse riding schools, instructing at a basic level before heading off overseas again, this time to South Africa to spend hours in the saddle of endurance and trail horses on the Wild Coast.

Particularly passionate about careers in the equine industry, she writes a blog Equus Education.

She lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband and two children.

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Secret Places Revealed by Paulette Harper

Please join author Paulette Harper as she tours the blogosphere with Write Now Literary Book Tours and her new release Secret Places Revealed, on September 27, 2016.

Publication Date: September 16, 2016
Paperback: 342 pages
Genre: Inspirational Romance

ISBN-10: 0989969150
ISBN-13: 978-0989969154


In celebration of Paulette’s upcoming release, Secret Places Revealed, she’s giving away one (1) autographed copy of Secret Places Revealed.

This contest is open for US only through October, 7, 2016

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A broken man, a woman on the run, a love that won’t be denied.

Single—and very content—real estate developer Aaron Blackman is determined not to become involved in another relationship. He’s experienced enough drama to last a lifetime. The only thing garnering his attention now is his growing business. And he plans to keep it that way. Then Simone Herron waltzes into his life, beautiful and confident. Fighting to keep his promise to himself—to remain single—he soon discovers that when it comes to love, some promises must be broken.

After losing her fiancé in an untimely death, Simone Herron relocates. She desperately needs to put the past behind her and start a new chapter in her life. While love is the farthest thing from her mind, she experiences an attraction to the handsome Aaron Blackman that frightens her. She’s built a wall around her heart, but can she find the strength and courage she needs to welcome love again? To do so, she must conquer her fears and allow God to put all of her broken pieces back together.

In addition to being an award winning author of Completely Whole, Paulette is an inspirational speaker, as well as a writing workshop instructor. She has a passion to coach aspiring authors and speaks into the lives of women from every walk of life. Her literary works have been spotlighted in a growing number of publications, including CBN, Real Life Real Faith Magazine, and Black Pearls Magazine. She has also appeared on numerous local and online radio shows.

Paulette resides in Northern California.

In celebration of Paulette’s upcoming release, Secret Places Revealed, she’s giving away one (1) autographed copy of Secret Places Revealed.

This contest is open for US only through October, 7, 2016

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Places In My Heart by Sheryl Lister

Please join author Sheryl Lister as she tours the blogosphere with Write Now Literary Book Tours and her new release Places In My Heart, Pre Order Blitz and Contest on September 15, 2016.


In celebration of Sheryl’s upcoming release, Places In My Heart, she’s giving away (5) five prizes: (4) four mini-swag packs and (1) one Grand Prize of a Reader Lovers Basket, including a Kindle Fire and $25 Amazon gift card. 

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Publication Date:  Oct 1, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN-10: 0373864701
ISBN-13: 978-0373864706

About The Book

Omar Drummond is a pro football superstar with a body that’s a pure work of art. But Morgan Gray is forbidden to act on their chemistry, or repeat their impulsive kiss. Proving her worth as a sports agent means securing the notorious celebrity as a client, not a lover. Yet between flowers, sweet notes and heady hotel interludes, Omar is shamelessly seducing her…

Other agents—and exes—have tried using Omar as a meal ticket, and he’s closed himself off from emotional entanglements. With Morgan, it’s a whole new playbook. Smart and tough, she can negotiate a contract and turn him on all in one go, and he craves more. But in matters of trust, he’s just fumbled badly. To win her he has to show her the man he can be away from the field and the limelight, and hope that this time they’re both playing for keeps.

About The Author

Sheryl Lister has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She writes contemporary and inspirational romance and romantic suspense. She been nominated for an Emma Award and RT Reviewer’s Choice Award and named BRAB’s 2015 Best New Author. When she’s not reading, writing or playing chauffeur, Sheryl can be found on a date with her husband or in the kitchen creating appetizers and bite-sized desserts. Sheryl resides in California and is a wife, mother of three daughters and a son-in-love, and grandmother to two very special little boys.


Omar knew he had taken a risk showing up at Morgan’s office, but he was desperate. It had taken a lot to persuade Malcolm to share his sister’s information, especially since Omar had declined to say what had happened between them. He toyed with calling first, but changed his mind because he didn’t want to chance her refusing to see him. The woman seated outside Morgan’s office, whom he assumed was the assistant, greeted him with a wide smile and an exaggerated sway of her hips as she led him to the office. Omar ignored the not-so-subtle brush of her breasts against his arm when she turned to leave. In his peripheral vision, he noticed the slight rise in Morgan’s eyebrow and knew she’d seen it, too. He waited until the woman closed the door before turning to face Morgan.
Morgan folded her arms. “What are you doing here?”

“Hello to you, too,” he said.
An embarrassed expression crossed her face. “Sorry. Have a seat.”
Omar took the chair opposite her desk. “I apologize for stopping by without calling, but I figured you wouldn’t see me otherwise.”
“You were probably right. How do you know I won’t call security to throw you out now?”
“I don’t, but I’m counting on your love of football to work in my favor.” They engaged in a stare-down for several seconds until she looked away first.
“How did you know where I worked?”
“Malcolm.” She frowned and he added, “If it’s any consolation, he adamantly refused to divulge your home address.”
“Well, maybe I won’t kill him, after all.”
He chuckled.
“Since you went through all this trouble, I guess I can spare you five minutes.”
Omar knew the mention of football would rouse her curiosity. “I’d like to talk to you about a business proposition.”
“What does that have to do with football?”
“My contract is up for renewal in six weeks and—”
“Don’t you have an agent? If memory serves me correctly, you have one of the best agents around.”
“Things aren’t always as they seem.”
She sat up straight. “What are you saying?”
“I’m saying it’s time for a change, and I’d like you to negotiate my upcoming contract. You’re an attorney and, according to your brother, you know football like you’ve played it all your life.”
Her eyes lit up and her mouth fell open. “Are you serious? Wait a minute.” She sat back again and angled her head. “What about your current agent? Did he dump you or something?”
Omar sighed. “No.” There was more to it, but he would only tell her if she agreed to represent him.
Morgan narrowed her eyes. “There are dozens of sports agents out there, and I’m certain any one of them would be happy to take you on, especially with your numbers from last year. Yet you’re in my office.”

He smiled. “You checked my stats? So, you’re admitting I’ve got game?”
A rush of color darkened her face. “Why me?” she asked, ignoring his questions.
“You want to be an agent, and I need one.” He leaned forward and whispered, “And I know you passed the sport’s agent certification test. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.”
“On second thought, I am going to kill Malcolm,” she muttered.
“I need your help, Morgan. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”
“I have to think about this.” She turned slightly in her chair and stared out the window, and then back at him. “You realize I already have a job. And I’m working on a case.”
Omar nodded. “I understand, and I have no problems working around your schedule.”
“Even on weekends or late evenings.”
“I see.” She went back to staring out the window.
He could almost hear the wheels turning in her head. She bit down on her lip, drawing his attention and reminding him how much he enjoyed kissing her.

Finally she angled her head his direction. “I’ll agree on one condition.”
“What’s that?”
“You keep your hands and lips to yourself. No more kisses.”
Omar groaned inwardly. There was no way he could go without kissing her. In fact, it had been the first thing on his mind from the moment he saw her today. “Morgan—”
“No. More. Kisses,” she repeated.

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