Fit for Faith book made into 3 online courses

Fit for Faith

7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health
made into 3 online courses:

Fit_for_Prayer  Food_for_Thought (3)  Flex_your_Spirit (2)

† Home study

Watch the 7 video tutorials on your own time. Watch them all in a row or one a day or one a week. It’s entirely up to you!

† Spiritual component

Learn about prayer, Bible study, and journal writing to connect on a deeper level with God.

† Physical component

Learn about healthy eating, cardio and strength training, and stretching exercises to incorporate into your day.



 Fit for Prayer

Exercise strategies to get you in shape!

Prayer strategies to connect deeper!


Learn how to fit prayer and physical activity into your daily routine

 Fit for Prayer $9.97


 Food For Thought

Expert advice on healthy eating!

Simple strategies to study the Bible!

Food_for_Thought (3)

 Find out how to nourish your body and spirit

through healthy eating and Bible study

Food for Thought $9.97

 Flex your Spirit

Stretching techniques to escape stress!

Journal writing to achieve a sense of health!

Flex_your_Spirit (2)

 Discover a new way to express yourself with God

through journal writing and stretching

Flex your Spirit $9.97



$5.00 SAVINGS!

Fit for Prayer, Food for Thought, Flex your Spirit $25.97