Rosemary Flaaten’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

True Thanksgiving


Life seldom goes the way we desire.  Instead, we find ourselves wallowing in disappointments and grief that threaten to rob us of  joy and fervour for life. “True Thanksgiving” gives the reader a glimpse into one of the saddest parts of my story – my mother’s drift into the abyss of Alzheimer’s Disease while I was only a teenage girl.  The sorrow wasn’t limited to that period of life. Rather there is an ongoing sadness that wells up at the most unexpected times, even as an adult woman. But, through this grief God has proven Himself to be faithful and the source of my joy and gratitude.


“At that tender age, I longed to have a mother who would give me advice when I needed to make decisions.  Instead, I was left to decipher this world alone, all the while pretending that my life was as normal as my friends’…As this array of memories swooped into my mind that Thanksgiving Sunday, self-pity consumed me, with anger crouched on the sidelines….He wanted me to get my eyes off the pain and to recognize the incredible ways He had helped me get through the quagmire of loss and hurt.  Even in the middle of my pain, He had been at work.  Now, He was tenderly calling me to trust Him to take care of me, no matter what.” (p.107-108)

Rosemary Flaaten

Rosemary Flaaten’s  Bio

Rosemary Flaaten, M.A., B.Ed., is an award-winning author, life and career coach, adjunct professor, internationally sought after speaker, and a Certified Personality Trainer. She coaches college aged young adults, professional women at various stages in their careers and individuals seeking relational and life skills improvements. Her published books include A Woman and Her Workplace: Building Healthy Relationships 9 to 5 (BHP, 2010) and A Woman and Her Relationships: Transforming the Way We Connect (BHP, 2007) both with accompanying DVD small group resource kits. Rosemary lives in Calgary with her husband and three teenage children.

Why did I write it?

I strongly believe that God uses the things we go through, both the good and the tough, to transform us and to bring us closer to Him. Our stories also have the potential to impact others, if we are willing to share them.  My prayer is that by sharing my pain and struggle around mom and Alzheimer’s Disease that somehow people will be drawn into a deeper faith in God and that ultimately He will be glorified.  This would become a beautiful example of God bringing good out of everything!

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Ann Brent’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

My Mother’s Gift

Page 48

I grew up in a single-parent family in a time when that was very odd. However, for me, my mother set the standard for excellence, leaving me with invaluable gifts that far outweigh the physical things in life we were not able to afford. This story shares the moment when I first met my father, but more importantly shares the most important gift my mother gave me.


The first day of school was one of my favourite days of the year. I loved orange-yellow HB pencils with soft rose-coloured erasers. I loved the smell that wafted out of a brand new box of crayons with their perfect chiselled tips. And I loved the empty, lined pages of my notebooks that would soon capture my thoughts in writing.

The only thing I dreaded about that day was the first half hour when my new teacher would read the class list aloud and demand information I simply didn’t have.

Classes at my elementary school began each day by singing “God Save the Queen.” After the teacher read a Bible story, we recited The Lord’s Prayer together. Then the roll call began. When “Violet Ann” rang out across the classroom, I acknowledged my presence, and the questions started.

Privacy rules were nonexistent in the 1960s, making each detail of pertinent information public to the whole class. Unusual names brought snickers. One of my answers inspired confused whispers every year.

“Mother’s name?” asked the teacher.

“Joyce,” I responded.

“Father’s name?”

“I don’t have one,” I answered quietly, providing the answer I dreaded giving. Two-parent families were still the norm in the early sixties, so my response always drew stares from my curious classmates. It was bad enough to say it once, but my grade three teacher persevered, “Violet, what is your father’s name?”

Later, I would explain that I preferred Ann to Violet, but first I had to convince her that I really didn’t have a father. At least no father I knew anything about.

Ann Brent’s Bio

Ann Brent is passionate about getting God’s Word and His message of salvation through Jesus to as many people as possible. As Director of National Ministries for Empower Ministries, she produces publications that inform, challenge and inspire people with the news of how God is working around the world today. A lover of words, she fully understood the meaning of “overjoyed” when she held her first grandson and that understanding multiplied with her granddaughter’s arrival. Ann is determined to face life’s changes and challenges through the filters of laughter, optimism and faith.

Why did I write it?

My plan was to write a humourous story about some of the changes both men and women can face as we age. However, when I tried to write it, I could not get the words out. Eventually I understood that I had to first complete an entirely different story. My Mother’s Gift is that story – a tribute to my mother. It shares the lessons she taught me, while raising me as a single mother in an age when that was definitely not the norm. And it explains how she so greatly impacted my life. When that initial story was written, I was able to complete my second story in the book, which is the first one I had tried to write. That story is called Visual Gymnastics.

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