Women of Strength – A Devotional to Improve Spiritual & Physical Health receives a face lift

Women of Strength cover (2)

Women of Strength has a new cover! With same great content!


What others are saying about Women of Strength:

I found this a great little devotional for several reasons. For one, Payne’s writing style is warm, friendly and easy to understand. She often tells on herself, reassuring us that we’re not the only ones that fall off the diet and exercise wagon.

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This book takes you through the whole year with various suggestions for each season, so order it now, and get started whenever you want. Reading one segment a day will keep you encouraged to continue on with your exercise program.

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This easy-to-read devotional helps the reader stay the course as Kimberley focuses on God and scripture.

This book seems to be just what I needed to get my battle with the bulge back on track.

I was encouraged. Ms. Payne gives practical advice on how to get back on track and overcome some of the obstacles that get in the way of all of us – like lack of time, setting realistic goals, and developing a plan of action.

I really like how the author laid out this book. It’s different and creative. The sections are divided into seasons instead of days/weeks. Also, she does a great job combining health tips with spiritual growth. I like how each section has work-out questions she answers and has an actual work-out/exercise you can do. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get inspired to take care of their body and spirit.

This book would be great for personal use. I can also see it being a good resource for a woman’s Bible study group in the way it brings up a variety of topics for discussion, deals with seasonal challenges, encourages healthy living, and has a built-in activity (exercise) component.

This unique, practical, inspirational book reflects the author’s quest to help other women improve their spiritual and physical health through the seasons.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this book as a devotional for women who are trying to keep their bodies (God’s temple), minds, and spirits, healthy.

Just reading this devotional inspired me to be more physically active and exercise as well as spend more time with God. Recommended!

She reminds us that fitness isn’t about the activity as much as it is “about enjoying the quality of your life and getting out there and moving”.

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