Who Killed My Husband? by Michelle Stimpson

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Who Killed My Husband? By Michelle Stimpson
Virtual Book Tour. July 17-28, 2017.  

Genre: Short Story/Mystery

ASIN: B071743ZLP

Michelle Stimpson is an author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994. She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002. She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults. In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking. Her works include the highly acclaimed Boaz Brown, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), and Falling Into Grace. She has published several short stories for high school students through her educational publishing company, Right Track Academic Support Services, at http://www.wegottaread.com. Michelle serves in women’s ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, in Dallas, TX. She regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops sponsored by churches, schools, book clubs and other positive organizations, and she has taught writing classes at the University of Texas at Arlington. Michelle lives near Dallas with her husband, their two teenage children, and one crazy dog.

Ashley Crandall finally convinced her husband, Allan, to attend the Christian men’s retreat…but he ends up dead there. What happened to him on the campgrounds? Who would want to kill Allan? And why are the detectives pointing fingers at Ashley? In her quest to solve the mystery and clear her name, Ashley will learn something about her husband that she didn’t want to know and something about her Christian faith that shifts her life. 

This short work by national bestselling, multi-published author Michelle Stimpson is packed with emotion, suspense, and a her signature way of weaving hope into a story – always a hit with readers who enjoy faith-based reads.
In Conversation with

Michelle Stimpson

Q: This is a different kind of book for you. What made you venture a little with this title?

A: After writing 40+ books, an author can get kinds stagnant. I have recently started reading clean mysteries, and I found that I actually enjoy them. They keep me up late at night because I truly want to find out whodunit and why. I’m hoping my readers will enjoy a different pace, too. I think they’ll be glad to know it’s possible to change things up and still keep the message of the book strong.
Q: What is the message of the book?
A: The main character, Ashley, is struggling to make sense of things as they relate to her. She has suffered much loss in her life already. But she’s going to have to understand that God doesn’t make His plans around Her. She may be the apple of His eye, but she is not the center of the universe.  His promise to be there always will have to sufficient for some of us until we reach the other side.
Q: Wow! That title really caught me. How did you come up with the idea for this book?

A: You know what, I wish I could remember. Thankfully, I have not experience much death around me, but I know that the longer I live, the more loved ones will pass away. Death is a part of life.  I don’t kill off a lot of characters in my books, but there was just something about this couple that struck my imagination and I knew they needed a book. Quickly!
Q: How quick?

A: About 10 days from outline to finished first draft.
Q: Seriously?

A: Yes, but keep in mind: This is a shorter work of fiction.
Q: Why did you choose to write a shorter piece?

A: I actually got my start with fiction as a short-story writer. I love shorter reads because I can finish them quickly. My schedule is often irregular, so it’s hard for me to get into longer books during hectic weeks. When I sit down for a few hours with a short read, I already know I’m going to have the satisfaction of finishing it. I usually save longer reads for holidays/vacations.
Q: What else is going on with you outside of the writing world?

A: Glad you asked! I am now the grandmother of a wonderful baby girl. Bless God! I am spending a ridiculous amount of time just staring at her and nibbling on her juicy cheeks.
Q: What’s your next release?

A: I’ve got a non-fiction book coming out entitled Change Your Mind, Transform Your Life: 21 Truths to Renew Your Mind in Christ. I am always sooo excited about edifying believers. Non-fiction is not my first genre, but it is definitely one of the most fulfilling to me.
Q: Do you have advice for aspiring authors?

A: I have more than advice—I have help! They can visit http://www.PublishMyBookAlready.com to take classes and learn more about publishing, marketing, etc.

Q: How Can Readers Connect with You?
A: The best way to keep in touch is through my email list. I send out notice of new books and keep people posted on all kinds of things from events to what’s happening with their favorite characters to upcoming releases. 

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Get the Skinny – Answers to 45 Frequently Asked Health & Fitness Questions by Kimberley Payne

About the Book

Get The Skinny debunks the myths and promotes the practices that contribute to healthy living.

Kimberley tackles frequently asked questions such as:
* Does muscle change into fat when I stop exercising?
* Will lifting weights make women bulk up?
* Should I take vitamin supplements?
* Is a flat stomach a realistic goal?
* Can I still exercise after an injury?
* Should I take vitamin supplements?
* Is it possible to spot reduce fat?
* Can ankle weights help burn more calories?
* Are fresh fruits more nutritious than frozen?
* Is fruit juice good for me?

And many more!


Book Excerpt

Will lifting weights make women bulk up?

One of my favourite haunts is Chapters bookstore. I love nothing more than to order a steamed milk at Starbucks and then browse through the books for hours on end. Sometimes I’ll peruse the magazine rack and I’m often amazed at the variety of magazines available for every hobby, interest, and sport. I tend to migrate towards the fitness magazines with the body builders on the front cover. Muscles bulging over muscles. And it’s not limited to men either. Women can have bulging muscles too.


But not the average woman. We just don’t have the genetic makeup to develop huge muscles. The women on the covers of these magazines devote hours and hours a day lifting very heavy weights. They are on a specific diet and exercise regime to get that big.


So no worries if you think that by lifting weights you’ll bulk up. This simply isn’t true. Women have less of the hormone needed to build muscle bulk easily. And because muscle tissue is more dense than fat, adding a little bit more muscle to your body and decreasing your fat actually makes you look leaner—not bigger.


It’ll not only help you lose weight, but you’ll sleep better, have more energy, reduce your risk of heart disease, combat loss of bone and decrease your risk of osteoporosis.


So put your fears aside and start strength training today.

About the Author

Kimberley Payne is an experienced personal trainer with an interest in helping people experience their optimum physical health while living a balanced life that takes spiritual, emotional and social aspects into account. Visit her website.

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Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman by Pamela Q. Fernandes

About the Book

  • Are you a single Christian woman wondering what’s going to happen next in your life?
  • Is your faith wavering as you wait for that special “someone”?
  • Have you been praying and enduring for months only to go though another breakup, failed relationship or bad decision?

If this is you, then this book is for you.
In Ten Reminders for the Single Christian Woman, Pamela Q. Fernandes talks about why you should stay optimistic and remain in God’s love.

Book trailer

Book Excerpt

Maybe you’re someone who has made a grave mistake or someone whose heart has been broken. Maybe you’re a woman who is doubtful. As a thirty-something woman, I can assure you that it’s natural to feel this way. To wonder, if we’re doing something wrong? Irrespective of which stage of the curve you are, as a single Christian woman, this book is a series of faith reminders as you go about your vocation. It’s not about finding the right partner or getting married or staying single. No, it’s about remembering God’s promises and ensuring that your single life is lived to its fullest. It’s about enjoying and traveling, growing spiritually, sowing the seeds of faith wherever you go and fulfilling your ministry as a single person. This is a time for growing and sowing.

Sometimes our ministry is borne of our deepest pain. God will use your trials for His glory. There are no coincidences in life. Our Father has orchestrated everything.

When we surrender our desperation at the foot of the cross, God can use it marvelously. God asked Moses in Exodus 4:2 (RSV), “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A staff.” And he said, “Throw it on the ground.” So he threw the staff on the ground, and it became a snake, and Moses drew back from it.

That very staff was used to part the Red Sea and to create all the magic tricks that left the Egyptians spellbound. God used that simple staff and did so many things with it. Powerful things.

With whatever you have right now, God can use it for his glory. God can use your ministry and turn it into something so amazing, that it’s beyond your wildest dreams.

I must admit, I didn’t want to write this book. Like every Christian assignment in my life that the Lord asked me to do, I whined and said no. With my first book, Ten Reminders for the Christian Unemployed, then with the Christian Circle podcast, I had reservations and complaints. Can you imagine that? God asked me to do His work, and I had reservations. Me! The gall of me!

But I did. Why? Because I didn’t want to open my Bible and be confronted with the truth. I didn’t want to read it and find it separating bone from my flesh, pointing out what a hypocrite I was. Showing me that I had failed God in so many ways that I had chosen everything but God at times. I didn’t want to study and learn what I already knew, that I was flawed and sinful. That God was calling me to a life of holiness. In a world where I liked to believe that God was all loving, I didn’t want to confront a God who was also one of justice and one to whom I’d have to give an account of my life to someday.

Then there was the world. What would they say? Liberal Christian women would sneer at me, liberated women would hate me, and my own friends would mock me if they’d ever read a word of what I’d written. Why are you making me write this Lord? Why?

But God wanted me to write. I wrote to my editor, and half prayed she would reject my book because I wasn’t ready to write what God wanted me to write. As I went through Lent and sat down every day at three in the afternoon to pray, God gave me lines of words, promises, from my Bible, or reminded me what to say, when I didn’t know what to write. And that’s the beauty of it. By ourselves, we can do little, but God can take our ordinary staffs and little hands and do magic.

Christ completes you and me. You may be lonely, broken, abused, but God loves you not because of who you are and what you do for Him, but because of who HE is.

He is changing the water of your life into the wine of his kingdom.

I pray that these Ten Reminders that I use to keep me in God’s grace through my season of singlehood will be helpful to you as well.

About the Author

In this follow up book in her Ten Reminder Series, Pamela talks about her own struggles with faith. She explains about discerning a vocation and finding meaning as a single Christian woman. She continues to practice as a doctor and medical writer, occasionally dabbling in fiction. You can listen to her at the Christian Circle Podcast.

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Top 10 Books Every Christian Should Read

Top 10 Books Every Christian Should Read

By Jim Baton, Christian thriller writer


Every novelist is inevitably a reader first. I confess that I’d rather spend a holiday reading a good book than doing most anything.

Over the years, so many books have greatly impacted my life. But there are certain books that were absolutely transformational—they either brought the most important things into crystal clear focus, or took me to a new place with God where I desperately needed to go.

These books may not get the notoriety of Christianity Today’s or Amazon’s Top 100 Lists, but I guarantee they will all rock your world!

The Pharisees had the Scriptures but had created a religious culture that kept the common folks from God—have we done the same today? This book is ripping me up right now!

Los Angeles gang members’ hearts get melted by the raw love of God—I cried through the whole book.

A prophetic, insightful and hopeful view of the glorious Bride God is forming us into and how this maturing Church will be powerfully impacting all aspects of culture by 2050.

Whether talking to a Hezbollah terrorist or a gay activist, Carl convinces us that Jesus would rather hang out with them than visit Carl’s church!

“Jesus is perfect theology,” Bill states, then gives us a “mind-makeover” to step into a supernatural life with Him.

What if every day we took time to stop and pray for a stranger? River Jordan did, and it changed her life.

Mother Teresa’s personal letters and thoughts reveal long struggles in the darkness, along with a determination to see Jesus in the face of the dying and “offer Jesus my smile.”

A revolutionary book on moving from punishment-based discipline to honor-based relationships without fear.

For those over 30, the second-half of life requires a new way of thinking, and Rohr is a brilliant guide.

Walking through darkness, taking risks, releasing our need for clarity—all these require deeper levels of trust—not in Biblical principles, but in a faithful Father who is completely trustworthy.


Jim Baton’s 20 years of cross-cultural learning in a Muslim nation have birthed a series of novels that are transforming people’s perceptions on Muslims and how God would have us relate to them in love. Find out more at www.jimbaton.com.





Life and Love by Taneisha Grace LaGrant

WriteNow Literary is pleased to announce Life & Love, by Taneisha Grace LaGrant Virtual Book Tour. June 26-30, 2017.
Print Length: 158 pages
Publication Date: April 14, 2017

Genre: Poetry

Love is a journey. Step 1. Fall in love. Step 2. Experience conflict. Step 3. Move on and heal or heal together. Is love really like this formula though? It all seems so simple.

This volume of poetry is broken up into similar sections where Taneisha LaGrant takes you on the journey of falling in love, fighting to stay in love and learning the most important discovery of it all. The key to what’s missing can’t be found in everyone else but it can be found in this volume of poetry. Stay tuned until the end and you may discover the most important aspect of love there ever was to be discovered.

Taneisha LaGrant is a poet from Gretna, Florida. She is the author of Life & Love Volume I (April, 2017) and is currently working on her novel The 6th Month Vow. Taneisha has a Bachelor’s degree in English and is currently pursuing her Masters in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Taneisha resides in Washington with her husband and two children.

Taneisha LaGrant is a poet from Gretna, Florida. She is the author of Life & Love Volume I (April, 2017) and is currently working on her novel The 6th Month Vow. Taneisha has a Bachelor’s degree in English and is currently pursuing her Masters in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Taneisha resides in Washington with her husband and two children.

Section I: In Love Love is staying true to who you are, yet having the ability to give to someone else. It’s not because they forced you to but because you desire to serve them, and they desire to serve you. The submission between two equal parties, knowing each other’s needs along with the desire to grow closer together, while still maintaining unique individual identities. Love is becoming one and still maintaining a sense of self with no jealousy or envy of the other person. Life & Love Volume I.

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Until Ray by Cheryl Robinson

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Until Ray Virtual Book Tour, with author Cheryl Robinson. June 19- July 14, 2017. 

Releasing “free” June 27 at select ebook retailers. 

Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary

About The Author

Cheryl currently resides in the Sunshine State with plans to return to her hometown Detroit shortly. For the past fifteen years, she has been busy writing contemporary women’s fiction. While writing is her first love, making delicious green smoothies is easily her second. She also enjoys spoiling her miniature Schnauzer and whipping up healthy meals from recipes she finds online.

About The Book

Two people in the same city but worlds apart.

Until Ray is an unconventional love story of how two young people transitioning into adulthood find each other and develop a bond that will be tested through three decades.

He lives in northwest Detroit with his mother. When he’s not at home, he’s either at the mall selling women’s shoes or in the club. In both places, he’s focused on one thing—picking up women. Only now he’s ready to make a change but isn’t sure how to do it.

At twenty-four, she has an MBA, is a CPA, and works in upper-level management at GM. But all that success comes at a cost: she’s lonely and craves the one thing she’s never had—attention from men.
Dive into a love story filled with soul-searching drama told from two very different perspectives. Until Ray, the first book of a trilogy, is set in the mid-eighties in Detroit, where the author was born and raised.

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Adunni Dares to Dream by Taiwo I Ajao

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Adunni Dares to Dream by Taiwo I Ajao, Virtual Book Tour, June 5-30, 2017.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Kids, Youth

Author/Illustrator Bio

The Dr. Ajaos are a husband-wife, doctor-nurse team who have a joint passion for health literacy, preventative healthcare, and education for at-risk groups in the Global setting. Mrs. Taiwo I Ajao, the Author, is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health, while Dr. ‘Wale Ajao, the Illustrator, is an internationally-trained medical doctor with a Master’s of Arts in Communications & Producing for Film and Video. Together, The DrAjaos intend to address health literacy via it’s most fundamental forms: using the arts of writing, entertainment, and communication to educate children and their parents. Adunni Dares to Dream is the beginning of a beautiful merger of not just a celebration of educational achievement, but also of Faith, Hope, Love and Miracles.

About The Book

Adunni Dares to Dream is the true tale of a poor African girl who just wanted to go to school. Although she was a part of a very hardworking family, Adunni just could not have the finer things in life, like school, books, & literacy. In her culture, girls were just expected to look pretty, get married and have children. But Adunni wished for something more.

As Adunni dares to dream , she inspires many others to dream too, including a handsome young man who couldn’t stop dreaming about her! So Adunni has choices to make. Does she give in to her society’s expectations? Does she chose the status quo? What are Adunni’s dreams and where do her dreams take her?


Whenever Adunni brought up the idea of school, somehow Mama found a way to end it. Despite the fact that she was illiterate, Mama was sharp, hardworking and very resourceful with money. Mama had married young, as was common in the culture, and she started to bear children as a teenager. It was unfortunate, however, that she experienced the loss of many of those children during childbirth. Only Adunni and her sister had survived, and Adunni wondered often about what she could have done to save those who hadn’t made it. Adunni was tearful as she remembered how her mother had nearly died last year during childbirth. Was every girl expected to get married and have children, even if it killed her? Adunni didn’t want to be like other girls: she wanted to be great! Adunni believed that to be great, she must be smart and be able to read, and learn great things. 
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